Monday, September 28, 2015

Baptism With No Water!?!? - Be Positive It's A Choice! - Dahiana's Mother Finally Asks To Be Baptized! - Answered Prayers/Teaching The Gamarra Family - Taylor Teaches In Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina!

This week really has been incredible. We were able to be a part of the baptism of Dahiana Mendez, (we recently just baptized her older brother Marcos). 

As always, there was a really really big trial before the baptism. We arranged the baptism, well before. We had our Ward Mission Leader go to the church and fill the font. Everything was ready to go. We were so sure that everything was going to be good to go, that we even scheduled an appointment 45 minutes before the baptism! We finished our lesson, got the church, about 10 minutes before the baptism was supposed to start, and that's when our Ward Mission Leader told us there was no water in the font! I almost said..."well... wasn't that supposed to be your job?" but then he went on to explain to us that their literally was NO WATER in the whole plumbing system of the church. So, we didn't know what to do.

As we thought of what a disaster this could turn out to be, I realized there was no need to be down. If a missionary looks down, then everyone notices, and it makes them sad too, so I decided to just talk to everyone and smile and get to meet all the members in the ward that came. Soon, surely by the hand of God, the water came back, and they filled the font to a very shallow quantity of water. All in all, the baptism turned out, and everyone was happy.

The amazing thing was the day of the confirmation of Dahiana. Her mom came. She has actually been coming to the church, for a very long time with her son and daughter, but really only doing it to show them support. We always knew as missionaries, that she didn't want to talk to the missionaries about baptism or anything like that, so we always gave her her space. However, I noticed a special light in her eye as she listened intently during one of the Sunday school classes, and went up to her and said, "Sister Mendez, it seems to me that you really enjoyed the class. I am glad to see you so happy" She said to me, "Elder, I enjoy this church just too much. I also want to be baptized. Can you come to my family's home this Tuesday?" Wow. Talk about goosebumps.
The two boys above are from the Gamarra family. They absolutely love Church, as does their father. Their story is an interesting one. He came to church and we found him and asked him where he lived. He expressed to us that he lived close to a family of this ward, and we quickly got an appointment to visit him. He loved it from the beginning and couldn't get enough of it, although, he was nervous about if this was the true church. We told him that he must do as Moroni exhorts, and ask God if the words of the Book of Mormon are true, and he will be answered. With faith he did so.
In most of my experience, the answers don't come in this way, but I think this time was very special, and I believe that this man, Julian Gamarra has a special gift. He asked God that very night if it was true, the night before going to the baptism of Sonia, and said that he saw in a dream the baptism of sonia, exactly as it was going to happen, and in the end of the dream, he woke up to a voice saying to him "Tu tambien tienes que bautizarte" or, You also must be baptized.  His daughter Sara, within the following week had a similar dream, after saying a similar prayer, asking if the Book of Mormon was true, and whether or not she should be baptized. She told me that as she slept, she was shown her very baptism. She said that during the dream her greatest desire was to know who baptized her, so as she looked up to see who it was, the dream ended.
I know that this is not a very common way to receive answers to our prayers, and we should never need to go through anything like this to be able to cultivate the faith to act, but it is interesting, how God does sometimes allow us to experience small miracles like this. Revelation comes in the way we understand best. These people, are a very visual people. I am a person who loves reading, and language, as are many of you.
I love that God has allowed us the ability to receive revelation in our own personal ways and allows us to find the closeness to him that we all need.
We went to what I think is the biggest dam in South America, and it was incredible. I dont have much time to write about it, but I will just share my favorite experience of the trip.

We were with 2 other Zone Leaders, Elder Thorpe and my old MTC roommate Elder Winston. While riding in the bus to get to the destination, I had found a young man, who looked like he liked to read. I had a Book of Mormon, and decided to show it to him. He was amazed, and thought it was incredible that Christ also visited this side of the world, he was in shock that I would give him the book for free, and anxiously started reading. I took out his information, and will be sending it to the mission so that other missionaries can visit his family. What was maybe the coolest about that experiance was the following: Elder Thorpe said to me, "Elder! While you were contacting that man, the driver announced that we had crossed into brazil! You have officially preached the gospel in the USA Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil!" Wow! 

Haha well thanks for reading everyone. Love you all :)
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission



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