Monday, September 14, 2015

Taylor Has A Referral For Tanner In Ohio! - Praying/Fasting For Josh Hinton - Multiple Baptisms - Great Sister Missionaries Remind Taylor Of His Sisters Amber & Shauna - Interviews/A Great Honor

Well I don't think this letter will be particularly long, I do, however, want to share a few things with you all this week.

Sonia is doing great. She will be baptized this Saturday and I really hope that many of you can have her in your prayers, as our goals for her extend much further than this Saturday. She will be baptized along with 3 others from our zone! We are very happy with the sister missionaries in this zone, really learning to work hard. Of the 4 Sisters who have baptisms this week the most experienced has 4 months. Wow! They amaze me that even though they are new, they don't let that get in the way of the Lord's work! They honestly make me think about my sisters Amber and Shauna. They are so determined to do what's right, and hope to always do what the Lord would have them do. I hope my sisters know that I love them a whole lot.

One of the baptisms this week will be of Laticia. I had the opportunity to do the interview, and I felt a great humbling as she truly sought guidance from me as she is trying to start this spiritual journey in her life. I remember when I was younger, (and even frequently now in interviews with the president of the mission) I would be spiritually uplifted and was often in awe of how they could speak with such power. In no way can I say that I speak with such power as they did for me, but I do feel a great honor, that someone like Laticia would seek guidance from someone so insignificant as me.

Quick update on the Garcia family... they weren't in there cliff house! We had an appointment, but they weren't there, and it is quite difficult to get there, so we will see if we can go find them later on this week. But with the fact that they weren't there, we took advantage and took some pictures of me walking on water... 

(dad put the picture upside down and have the water facing up, it looks sooooooo cooooool!!!)

Last little bit of news, we found a Peruvian family! We started teaching them and they even came to church this week and decided that they wanted to treat us to dinner! IT was the MOST AMAZING FOOD EVER. We will be teaching them this week and Ill let ya know how they are doing next week. The most crazy thing about them is that they have family in OHIO... yeah. They live in the very mission that my best friend just started serving his mission, and of course they speak more Spanish than English, and Tanner just happens to be one of 6 missionaries out of 200, in that mission who is in charge of the Spanish speaking investigators. Coincidence? I don't think so. He will be getting me the reference this coming week, so I will send Tanner the reference this coming Monday.

I am still blown away by the many ways that God is bringing to pass this work. It is spreading like wild fire, because it is the truth. Tanner was sent to Ohio, for MANY reasons, I was sent here for MANY reasons, but it would make me SO happy if I could somehow "tag-team" an investigator with my buddy Elder Vario.

I love you all and hope you all know that I am with you in your frequent prayers and fasting for my good friend Josh Hinton.

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission

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