Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Team Teaching Marcos - Marcos Baptized By Best Friend - Teaching The Garcia Family - Sonia Baptism Set For 9/19/15 - Lost Pictures Again :-( Trying To Recover

It has been a great week, and we are really seeing the hand of the Lord push forward the work here in Ciudad del Este. Our zone last month (given that it is a very small zone) suffered a bit of a "drought" and did not have any baptisms. Although this is always tough, we still are working hard. The Elders and Sisters here, are doing great, and we have 7 (and possibly more) baptisms planned for this coming 19 of September as a zone in all.

We, along with sisters of another area in our zone, had the privilege to "co teach" a joven... still don't know how to say that in English (joven = young man)... named Marcos David. He lives in the Area of the Sisters, but has lots of friends and family in our ward, so we both got to help him out towards his baptism. 

It was such a great experience to get to know him, and help him and I know I will keep in contact with him after my mission. This experience really made me think a lot about the experience that I had with Tanner, because the best friend of Marcos was able to baptize him, just like I had the privilege of doing with Tanner. It really gave me flash backs as I watched them grow together, and grow in the gospel, like Tanner and I did together. Now we are both on missions. I told Marcos how I felt, and gave him the watch that I had been using for my whole mission, and said, bud, this is the watch I have used for my whole mission. Its been with me every step of the way. Wear it and remember the great opportunity that you can have to take this watch on your own mission.

We have found quite a number of new investigators, one is a family who lives right next to a huge river that I didn't even know existed. The son is 10 and blind, and the mom is very pregnant, and there are 4 other children always running around being crazy ;) The only way to get to their house is descending several hundred feet going down what is basically a cliff and trying not to fall. They all have desires of possibly being baptized, but have yet to put a date. They are named the family Garcia.

Sonia Martinez had her birthday this Sunday, and I gave her one of my name tags. She was very happy with her gift. She is still baffled about what happened that late night on the bus when she saw us sleeping on the bus, as a direct answer to her prayer. She is doing great and will be baptized also on the 19th.

Well... as happens quite frequently, all my fotos just got erased... again. but my companion says he knows how to recover them, so I will send them in a few hours I think! 
This is Taylor's Dad,
As you can see, there are pictures in this blog post, so I am assuming that he recovered the pictures that were lost.  The e-mail that I got with the pictures did not contain any explanations or further information, just the pictures so I put them where I thought they fit best in his letter, though I am not 100% sure of the people, places, experience...he may correct me later :-) 
Picture above looks like a service project, but Taylor didn't tell us about this one, so...here's the picture of him painting.  Not sure what he is painting, but I am sure that someone is grateful for the help :-)

Back to Taylor's letter,
It is amazing how quickly the time seems to be going. I feel like just yesterday I arrived in Carlos a. Lopez, and was a lost little boy wondering how I was ever going to understand anyone, how I would get over missing my family, and how I could ever learn to become a good teacher. All I can say is that with time, as I have obeyed God's will for me, He has helped me develop into who I am today, and I know that none of this could have ever happened without the trials of this great mission.
I love you all,
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission

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