Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taylor's New Zone Is Almost All Sisters! (Only 4 Elders) - Visited Temple Grounds - Two Youth To Be Baptized - FHE With 35 People! - Listening To 2 Apostles Via Satellite - Sonia Martinez To Be Baptized!

Well last week I couldn't send very many pictures, but this week my goal will be to send more. It looks like this computer is also very slow, so we will see how it goes. We unfortunately did not get to go in the temple, but I loved every moment being close to it. We just took a little time to breath some fresh air and feel the spirit that is on the temple grounds.

 I dont know if I told you or not yet, but the zone that I am in is VERY different from the old one. My old zone had 25 missionaries. 17 of them being Elders. So basically we just dealt with the Elders and the Sister missionary leaders worked with the sisters. My new zone, has only these 4 good looking preachers :) The rest of the zone is sisters... you might as well call my the relief society president.

Here is a good view from the balcony of the house of a members home. They are so generous and always give us to eat every Wednesday. (They are from Brazil so their food is incredible).

This is a group of very strong members of the Church here in Ciudad del Este. We were planning on teaching David Marcos (the joven... how do you say that in English Dad???... in blue)  Added by Taylor's Dad - Joven means "youth or young man". He is living in another part of the city but has been coming to our ward because his friends are going to that ward. He will be baptized this Saturday! He is awesome. It is a really interesting situation, and really makes me think about the time when I was helping Tanner with the missionaries. (Or really he was helping me). His sister will soon be baptized also, and the parents are both investigating the church as well. This Family Home Evening was supposed to be with about 10 people, but in the end we ended up explaining the importance of baptism and our testimony of the restoration of the true church in front of about 35 people.

I think the greatest part of this week was when we got to hear from 2 apostoles. They spoke to this part of the world via satellite, and translators. One of the great things that they really focused in on was the importance of the young men of this generation. The importance that they have, especially those who are getting ready to go on a mission. They quoted president Gordon B. Hinckley saying (this is from my memory and not an exact quote) "Every great moment that has happened to me in my life has happened because of the incredible trials that I passed through on my mission. I would not be who I am if I had not served a full time mission."
Looking back now I am amazed what I have become, although I can not boast of myself, because truly I am week, (as it says in my home ward on my mission plaque but in God I have found my strength. I am such a different person than who I was going to become if I had not served a mission.
I love you all!

Also, I cant believe I forgot to tell you all, Sonia Martinez, will be baptized on the 19th of September, (the day before my companion goes home to Ecuador!!!) and we are super happy for her! We have a family home evening with her and a less active family tonight, so pray for us!

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