Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference Live = Missionary Super Bowl! - Sabbath Delight - Sonia's Daughter To Be Baptized - Dahiana & Marcos' Mother To Be Baptized - Ponderizing - Dedicate Life To The Lord's Work

Well who loved conference? I remember a long time ago that Elder Thomas and Elder Holmes of Stansbury Park told me that General Conference was like the Super Bowl of missionaries. I didn't understand until now. It truly is. All the missionaries buy tons of food, eat and enjoy, a great time together as we watch, what is, to us, the most exciting entertainment known to man. However, being that the apostles of pressed so much on the Sabbath day, I would suggest finding your own personal super bowl, as I don't know if watching football is the best way to honor that holy day. As I came to listen, write notes and then review my notes, I came away with 24 goals that I will be doing. One of those is making my Sabbath day more of a delight, as well as making sure that when I get back, it will also be a delight.

We got the opportunity to watch conference live in English and enjoy every moment of it. We were so pleased to be a part of this new lineup of spiritual strengths in the church, and know that they were each called of God. How is it, that men so powerful and influential, can be so incredibly humble?

Sonia, the woman who we helped bring to the waters of baptism has been talking to her daughter, and her daughter started to take the lessons from us. We only taught one lesson, and the spirit whispered to us that instead of start with the first lesson, which is the Restoration of the Gospel, we should teach strictly on the principle of the fact that in her now "years of choosing" her need for the gift of the holy ghost is ever so important. She understood the concept perfectly, and plainly expressed to us that she deeply needs that gift. She said that like her mom and her brother, she wants to be baptized. She will be baptized on the 31st of October, along with the mom of Dahiana and Marcos, who were also baptized very recently.
I hope that we can each, use this gift, as President Eyring expressed, that God has granted to us on a daily basis.

Also, sorry I am being a little scramble brained, I would like to re-extend a challenge. It is "Ponderizing". I am going to do it my goal, is to read, ponder, and memorize the meaning and feeling of 1 scripture every week. This was a challenge from one of the seventies, and I feel that it is something that we should do. I feel this could, little by little, change each of our lives.

I really am short on time this week,and have to admit, that I was not properly able to prepare my thoughts of what I was going to write during the week, however, all should know, that the experiences that I have keep pouring in. David A. Bednar said that the 6 apostles that he knew, and saw pass away all had a difficult and grueling course that made them become, who they became. I am in awe at their, amazing dedication and love for the gospel and pray daily that I can somehow have a small portion of that pure devotion, so I can more effectively serve as God's servant. I remember, that I watched a video of Thomas S. Monson when he became an apostle, and he bore his testimony to the world and he said, "I dedicate my life to this work." I remember thinking that was amazing, but that it made sense because he was an apostle and wouldn't be relieved as such, until he died. However, I realized more recently that this statement applies to more than just the apostles. It applies to me and to you. I dedicate my life as well to this work. In fact, I did so when I had 8 years old and was baptized. 

I love you all and hope you look for ways to share, and live this amazing gospel.
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission



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