Monday, October 12, 2015

Goal To Talk On The Bus Yields Results - Sara & Jonas To Be Baptized (W/Dad Hoping To Follow) - Companion Sick - Hospital, Jump Rope, Study, Blessings, Journal - Burger King In Paraguay! - Zone Trip To Large Paraguayan Dam

I started my mission having decided that I wanted to talk with everyone that I met. Well, actually I think more accurately I developed that desire in the beginning of my mission. When I was in Carlos A. Lopez in my first area of the mission, I realized that I was going to have to travel a lot because we were so far from EVERYTHING. What we could have decided to do would have been sleep, or relax, but I decided that the only way I could learn the language was talking. So, I gave my self a goal to always talk when I was in buses traveling. I know, that the Spirit guided me to make that a goal. During my mission I have often wondered if the hundreds of times that I have talked with people on buses truly was worth it, because many times I had the doubt, that I deserved a little break, and that it wouldn't hurt to just relax for a minute on the bus. But I always try to talk with someone, every time I am on the bus. I am grateful that the Spirit guided me to acquire this attribute. I was truly able to see the fruits of this effort this week. Maybe if this was the only fruit of my whole mission of talking on buses, every moment I have spent talking with people on buses would be worth it. We were traveling to a lesson, and on a bus this Tuesday. I decided to talk with a small group of 3 people about the gospel. I showed them pamphlets about Joseph Smith, and the gospel, but sadly, they didn't show much interest. We got off the bus and went on to our lesson. But a couple of seconds after getting off the bus I heard someone yell, "WAIT!" We turned around, and saw a young man of 23 years running our way! We went and talked to him. He said, "Brother! I heard what you were saying to them. I believe it. Can you come to my house to teach me about what you were teaching them?" I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He later went on to tell us, that he actually had to get off the bus quite a bit later, but decided he would walk the extra mile to get off and talk to us and get us to come to his house. He later, during a lesson this week told us that in the moment that I was talking, that he didn't just understand what I was saying, he felt that it was true. He has already accepted a baptismal date, which should be in November if all goes well.

Sara Isaac and Jonas will be baptized this Saturday, and we did a family fast with the dad so that he can be baptized soon as well. His only struggle is getting divorced from his ex wife and then get married  with his current spouse, with whom he is not yet married, so that he can worthily be baptized. 
We are amazed with the miracles that are happening here in Ciudad del Este, and it all comes from the obedience we always try to practice.

Now the pictures:

1. I am superman

2.My companion was SUPER sick. He had to go to the hospital, but is a lot better now. I gave him a blessing and he told me that he knew the words were of the Spirit, and not of me. He was 100 percent better within hours. While I was bored out of my mind as he rested, I read about half of the Bible, as well as exercised a lot with the jump rope my incredible mom sent me :)

3.These are sheep we found wandering in the middle of the city. They look kinda lost.

4.My mom sent me a voice recorder with tons and tons of recordings! All of my family, lots of friends and great stuff! I spent a lot of time on our sick day listening to the recordings. I also now use it as my journal and talk into it instead of write. (Mom for Christmas I want another one! The memory will probably be full by January or February and I want to keep doing it!)

5.Burger King what can I say more.

6 We took part of the zone to the dam we visited a while back! They loved it!

I hope you all know that I love you all and am so happy to hear from so many of you still! It shocks me how much support I STILL get. You are amazing people.
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission



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