Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pictures Lost & Recovered! - Stranger Punched Companion - Flat Stanley Pictures Around The World For Cousin Ashton's School Project! - Zone Activities - 120 People In Church Followed By 27 People in Church (Due To Rain)

Well we found out why the computer wouldn't let me send any fotos... the computer erased all the fotos I have on my memory card. Pretty disappointing to be honest, but it was a relatively new one luckily, so I still have most of my pictures. My companion even told me that it is possible to find places that can recover pictures, so we will probably be looking for a place that does that. As for the "Flat Stanley Project" that I was doing for my little cousin Baily, all the pictures are gone for now :( But I am pretty sure I will be able to recover the pictures eventually.

I´m going to start with a rather interesting story, my companion Elder Gardner and I were walking down a windy and very dusty road when a guy that didn't look right - in the head - started walking towards us. He mumbled something under his breath and punched my companion! (In the shoulder luckily) He is 100% fine, but it was an interesting experience for me to be honest. After he got hit, we didn't turn back to yell at him, we didn't ask him why he did it, and we let him keep going on his way. If I think of my old self one year back, I probably would have yelled at him, and made the situation a lot worse. As I thought about that, I realized I really have made some dramatic changes in my mission. 
In the moment that he hit my companion, I thought of the many times that our Savior was hit and whipped and tortured, because he was perfect and because the people didn't understand, and because he loves us unconditionally and was willing to suffer for our cause. 
These changes that have happened in my mission to this point make me feel so much closer to the Savior, and help me understand Him, and the love He has for me. 
(On a less serious note...)We have been talking a lot about changes in the mission together as a companionship, and how we should constantly be finding ways to become better, especially during the mission. My companion told me, that if there is anything he is going to change when he gets home, it will be that he will never buy anything from China again. Haha that made me laugh  :)


Flat Stanley in front of our pension in Garupá Argentina

 Flat Stanley with missionaries from all parts of the World!

Flat Stanley warming up with me before we played basketball for Pday!


Just hanging out with good ol Stanley

After playing Football and Basketball for hours, Stanley and I took a break here in the great land of Argentina

This is the whole zone after a Zone Activity that was an awesome success! We loved it! (and were all very sore the following day)

Happy Bday E. Gardner! We celebrated with Mexican American tacos! Super fun! (Here in Argentina they drink Coca Cola like it's water so we are allowed to drink it... I still don't cause I think its gross... ;)

Here we are doing a service project digging a few wells with our hands...(the people here kept insisting us that we HAVE to do it with our hands even though we had a shovel right there...

Well a couple of missionaries decided to go a Chinese restaurant that is SUPER fancy as there last Pday, we decided to join them, as we were already there close by.

There is seriously so much I could tell you guys, I have so much more to say, but I guess I will just leave it at that.

Wait. One more thing. 

Okay Two weeks ago we had the largest asistence to the church in Months (120 people came). We were so excited and feeling like things were finally starting to come along. Well, this week it rained. That might not seem like a big deal (probably because it isn't) but the people here have a culture that if it rains, everything shuts down. After the week of 120 asistence, this week we had 27 people in the church because of the rain. Crazy right!?

Well I thought id just share that with everyone. Thank you for your love and support! Congrats to all those coming home and leaving on missions! You all make me proud!
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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