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Audio Message From Taylor (in Spanish) - Missionaries Able To Attend The Cordoba, Argentina Temple Dedication! - Tracting Can Be Funny :-) - Juliana Excited For Baptism - Juan To Marry Girlfriend May 29 & To Be Baptized Shortly After! - Saying Goodbye To Companion -

This is Taylor's Dad: 

After a difficult week at work and at a time when I personally needed to hear Taylor's voice, my prayers were answered with this very brief audio recording from Taylor.  An inspired friend in Argentina, recorded Taylor's 1 minute message to me (speaking in Spanish) and then sent it to me.  He sounded so happy.  The Spirit warmed my heart as I heard Taylor share his love for the gospel and our family.  After such a short time speaking Spanish, Taylor's level of fluency is a testament that he has truly been blessed with the gift of tongues.

Here is the audio message (which Taylor gave me permission to share on his blog :-) :

Here is Taylor's Letter: 
We got to "go to the temple" yesterday. The stake center here in Posadas acted as an extension to the new temple of Cordoba for the day yesterday so that we could be "there" for the dedication of this new temple. It has been more than 8 months more or less, since I have been inside a temple, and I really had missed that feeling. We entered the stake center (the same building I have entered hundreds of times) yesterday, and felt something very special. We got to hear from Elder Christofferson speak in the temple, as well as Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  Elder Christofferson speaks Spanish perfectly and it was very fun to hear him speak another language, and understand him. During my mission, as I have "been in the presence" of 8 (i think) apostoles, I have gained a real testimony of their divine calling as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

So here is another subject completely. It is funny sometimes contacting in the streets of Argentina, and I wish I could tell you every funny thing that happens, but that would take emails and emails to explain everything. But for example, one of the things that happens sometimes is the following... we walk up to a door, we clap (like we are watching the end of a play) and then a little kid of around 3 years runs out and yells "¡NO HAY NADIE!" or "NOBODIES HOME!" It is really funny to me that the little kids even know how to reject the missionaries! 

Although in this area we do face a lot of rejection, there is a lot of hope. The sister who has been coming to church recently (with her handicapped daughter - named Juliana), found out that she couldn't come to the stake center to be part of the temple dedication.  They were both very sad that they couldn't go to "mee mee"  this week (mee mee = church - see last weeks letter). So we told her that we would have a lesson in the church this Sunday, after the temple dedication so that they could enjoy "mee mee". (For some reason Raquel is now calling church "lula lula" as well as "mee mee"). They are both very excited for the day Juliana will be baptized.

1. This is us... yeah don't ask what we are doing... haha I'll just explain. We are with a man (Juan) who has wanted to be baptized for a long time. He has been assisting to the church for more than 4 months but could not be baptized because he was living with his "girlfriend" (who is LDS but had fallen away). They will be getting married also on the 29th of May and then later he will be baptized. 
PS his mustache would beat any other mustache in an arm wrestle.

2. Well here I am with my companion who didn't get to finish the transfer with me, but I got to say goodbye before he left luckily. He was a great missionary and I hope he does great in the "Life after the mission..."

3. Well here we are out in the middle of nowhere finding souls to bring to the waters of baptism! Elder Gardner is great and we always have a blast, and if we ever feel a little down, we just talk about running, and life is all good again!
Shauna sent this to me and I thought it was sooooooo funny! I cant stop laughing! Maybe I'm just crazy haha.

Thank you for your love and support as always.

I hope you all know that I know that what I am doing is so important, and that the mission changes lives. I love this mission.
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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