Monday, May 11, 2015

Funny Prank Call Mother's Day Video!!! - Teaching Juliana - President Oaks Teaching the Missionaries Via Skype! - It's Mother's Day Week (Pictures Of Taylor And His Mom)

SKYPE on mothers day!!!!! It was so fun to talk to my family! I also had the awesome opportunity to talk to my amazing grandparents (Graves side, sorry Cummings side, maybe next year!!) because I had to have them help me coordinate the timing because my parents weren't answering my calls.  I loved hearing there voices and just talking to them.

I remember the last time I did Skype on Christmas I kinda left the conversation not wanting to work, and to just sit and think all day, but this time was very different. I focused on how they are the reason I am here, and talking to them this time made me want to get to work even more.
I love all of them. A lot.

Here is a quick video of my mom waiting for my call and my brother decided to play a prank on her and act like I was calling...

Well we have one woman who is named Juliana, who we are teaching right now, who will be baptized either the 23rd or the 30th of this Month. She is really amazing and really inspires me, as she is a single mother of 75 years old. Let me explain. Her daughter has very severe mental problems, and she has had to take care of her all by herself for 45 years. Her daughters name is Raquel and is always asking her mom when they will get to go to "Meemee" again. Juliana said that is her way of saying "Church" for some reason... haha. Just seeing them, makes me very happy. They are one of the few people who have been willing to get up and walk to church even though it rained (these past two Sundays it has rained and they both came! both times!) 

Well I feel pretty bad about this... but I forgot to tell you guys about something that happened to our mission recently, and I didn't even tell anybody... and its something pretty important... An apostle came and talked to us! President Oaks! Unfortunately, we could not be in the same building as him, due to some paper work problems dealing with the missionaries in Paraguay, but we had an interactive Skype conference with him and it was amazing. He talked a lot about personal revelation and I was very happy to be able to learn from him. Honestly, because of what he said to us all, I have had some of the most sincere prayers with our Heavenly Father. I know that the apostles really are witnesses of Christ, just as much as the moment when I felt the Spirit whisper to me that 6 apostles had arrived in the same room as me, 10 months ago in the MTC.

Thanks for all the support. You guys are all great!

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  1. I love my boy! He made Mother's Day SO special!