Monday, May 25, 2015

Argentine "Cold" (Short Sleeve Weather :-) - Peanut Butter From Mom - Favorite Book = The Book Of Mormon - Hard Times = Growth - Coach Steve Allen, "It's OK to 'Take A Brake'"

Well everybody, I hope you all had a great week! We enjoyed a week full of rain, mud and some small tastes of what we call back home "cold". It really makes me laugh so much to see the people here bundled up in 2 or 3 coats because of the "freezing cold weather" and how EVERYONE is getting sick from this "immense" drop in temperature... When we pass by when we are walking down the street, everyone always stares at us, and its not because we are two giant white people that seemed to have appeared out of no where, but because we are still wearing short sleeves, in this bitter cold that we are passing through :)

It really is nice to have the climate change a little bit, here the heat is very hot, and it makes you sweat... a lot... haha. Now that its cold, we just sweat a little... haha. 

1. Alright... well I just want to report to everyone, that I had lost a lot of weight, about 10 pounds... but... I received my package, and my Mom so lovingly put peanut butter in the package. I am not ashamed to admit, that I ate it strait from the container :) I really don't know what it is, but being on a mission strangely gives you the inclination to eat peanut butter.

2. Here is a foto of me and my favorite book. The Book Of Mormon. If you haven't read it all the way through, you should. It is incredible.

Finding spiritual experiences. As I write in this blog, I think of the thousands of spiritual experiences that I have found. It is interesting the way that God has placed me in certain situations, just so that I will be able to learn a certain principle. I am amazed be his love he has shown for me as I am obedient. 

I have to admit, every missionary passes through hard times, and for some reason I have felt a little down this week :( haha, dont worry about me, it happens in every life of every person. When I have these times when I feel a little down, I think about the challenges I had before the mission, and how I was able to overcome them because of determination, and also being humble enough to except my weaknesses. 
This picture has some real meaning, just wait for the explanation. 
I remember that my running coach, Steve Allen did something that really confused me. I was going through a time in my running career when I really felt like I just couldn't run like I used to. I would get out, and tire very quickly. I didn't understand it, and asked my coach what I should do. He thought for a while, and later told me that he wanted me to take 3 days off of running. ¡¿WHAT!? Are you crazy coach?? Haha he told me to do it, and I obeyed, not really having a clue why. I later on realized why. After 3 days of not running, my drive to run increased. I missed the adrenaline that I got from it, and I missed the feeling of accomplishing something difficult. After my time off of running, I enjoyed every step of the runs that we did, because I learned to appreciate my time doing something difficult. What I am now trying to explain, is that I have now learned the importance of taking a break. When times get tough, we sit back, relax, and just think for a few minutes about the importance of the work we are doing. So when I found these "brakes" just laying down in the road, I thought it was very appropriate, as I have recently learned that it's okay to "take a brake"

I love this gospel and this work that we do. I know its true and nothing will shake my testimony. 
Elder Graves
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