Thursday, June 4, 2015

Juliana's Baptism! - Elder Blanco Returns For Baptism - Waiting For Buses - Silly Pictures - Splits With Mission President Lapierre! - Loves Beautiful Garupa - Blessings Of Communication/Thanks For Writing - Knows The Gospel Is True

Why not just start with a picture? :)

We had our baptism! Juliana was baptized and we were so happy to see the light within her! It was incredible to see her grow through just a few short weeks, all because she was willing to do her part, as she prayed, read the scriptures and went to church, almost without reminders from us.
The first picture is of me, Elder Gardner, Juliana, Raquel (her daughter who is descapacitada,... i dont know how to say that in English - This is Taylor's Dad - descapacitada means handicapped) and Elder Blanco. Elder Blanco and I found her when we were doing divisions/splits about a month ago! When I called him about a week ago and invited him to come to the baptism, not only was he surprised, but was truly happy to see that we had achieved something. Sometimes, we visit someone, and we have no idea the impact we make on them, and then later on, we find out that the small thing we did actually changed there life. 
Sometimes we get bored waiting for buses to come by and pick us up
and other times we miss the bus as we are taking silly pictures... haha.

Well one of the coolest things that I have done to this point in my mission happened this week. On Monday we got to go on splits with my mission president Lee Lapierre. 

I honestly was getting a little down on myself that day, but things started getting better, as I read letters from you guys (especially some really cool stories from my dad), and as I was reading those letters, the president of the mission came in. He said "Elder Graves? You want to go to work tonight?" I was kinda like... "uh...uh... YEAH!" 

We got going and in EVERY step I took alongside that man I felt as if it was guided by the spirit, not to mention the way we spoke to those we taught. The power in our testimonies together was indescribable. Every day since then, I have truly focused on having the spirit guide each step and each decision I make. Still not perfect, but I am learning.
I love Garupá. This place is so full of beautiful places, and the views we find don't stop amazing me. Its like my Dad used to tell me as we hiked in the mountains when I was younger, "Taylor, when I come up here, I realize that there is a God. He made all of this. How else could this place be so beautiful?" I think of my dad´s words very frequently and often quote them in lessons.

This is me about an hour ago, reading the letters that effortlessly stream from that side of the world to this. Technology amazes me, and continues to bless my life. The letters I receive from you all are of support and love, and I appreciate each one.

If I didn't know this church was true, I wouldn't still be here. If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I was a kid that didn't like to waste his time. If I didn't have anything to do, I would start going crazy, so I would just go and run, so that I could at least accomplish something. I didn't like wasting my time. I can say that if I didn't know this church was true, I would not spend my precious God-given time to be here. I would spend it at school or doing something else. But, I know it's true. I love being able to say that, because it was so hard fought - to come to that conclusion, but I have arrived, and will not leave the tree. 

I love you all. 
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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  1. Thanks for your testimony. We and the angels thrill to hear that you know!