Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New Members Love The Gospel, Share It & Become Missionaries! - Argentina Sleeps (Siesta) At Noon - Friends Reunited During the Siesta/Dario Preparing To Serve A Mission 1 Year After Baptism - Taylor Began His Mission 3 Years Ago Sharing The Gospel With His Friend Who Leaves On A Mission Himself In July!

 What an awesome week. Teaching here in Argentina is one of the most interesting things. Juliana, just loves the gospel so much. She is continuing to grow in her spirituality, and continually tells us of how she felt the spirit overcome her when we put our hands on her head to give her the Holy Spirit. She has even showed us a neighbor of hers who she thought would be interested in the gospel. She is already a missionary! We had the lesson with her friend and the husband of her friend, and they loved the idea of baptism. We obviously explained to them that we were going to be with them helping them little by little to gain their testimony, and later on will be baptized. We are hoping that in the coming month they will be baptized if all goes well! What makes me happier than anything is that Hermana Juliana, has already become a missionary. When we as Elders, (and sister missionaries) see the joy that comes from being in this church, shine out in the converts, it makes us realize that our hard work, really is worth it.

Okay as you can see we are in the middle of downtown, and there are 0 cars and 2 people in the whole city... haha. This is what we call the Siesta, or in English, the Nap. Everybody in all of Argentina, sleeps and takes a break from work. As you can imagine, it is a very difficult time for us as missionaries, as we continue searching people, but for about 3 hours or more, EVERYONE is asleep...
Well as you can see, as we walked the streets of Downtown Posadas, Dario Do Santos found us!!!!!! I was so happy to see him! I saw him and we both freaked out! We hugged each other and just talked for a good long while! I miss that guy! He has been called to be the 2nd counselor in the young mens, and is very excited. He said that he is working hard to save for his mission that he is planning on serving within the next year. (If I am very very very very very lucky, I will still be here when he leaves and would very likely be able to ask permission to see him off).  He understands so much of the gospel, (probably more than me already haha) and is very excited to have the opportunity to preach the gospel, that very recently was preached to him by me and my awesome companion Elder Hawk.

3 years ago, I had strong impressions that I needed to show one of my best friends, Tanner, the missionaries. I had these impressions very frequently and didn't know why. Tanner was Atheist, and had no interest in God, and surely wouldn't have any interest in learning from the missionaries. I ignored the prompting for more than a year. Finally one day, Tanner came to me and asked me if I would show him to the missionaries. Someone had asked him a very difficult question regarding God, (as he had a reasonably important role on the Track and Cross Country team kids would frequently ask him for advise). When normally he would be able to quickly respond with some way to help, he realized he didn't know much about God, and couldn't find a way to respond. In that very same week, he asked me to show him the missionaries.

I was shocked. I wondered why I had ignored the promptings for so long, and also learned that God always will get the work done, it is up to us if we want to help or not. I learned I needed to ALWAYS listen to the promptings that God gives me.

We started talking with the missionaries. Me, Tanner, and Jessica Mccubbins, who now is serving a mission in Rancagua Chile. The missionaries names were Elder Thomas and Elder Holmes. They were the best missionaries I have ever met and changed all three of our lives. 

We had the first lesson with Tanner, and the very first thing that he told us was the following "Hello Elders, it's nice to meet you. I would like you to know that I will NOT  be getting baptized, and I am here just to learn about how God works, and how your Church is." Haha. 

Well lets just say things didn't go as Tanner had planned. We had lessons every other day with the missionaries, and he took notes to every thing they said, and studied and asked questions to me and to Jessica frequently. Through the course of time, he started realizing how true everything was. He realized that God truly loves him. He decided to be baptized.

The proudest moment right now of my whole mission is about to take place, and it isn't happening here in Argentina. It will be starting on the other side of the Globe where Tanner will be entering the MTC of Provo, to start a 2 year mission of his own.

In no way do I take credit for the progress of Tanner. I am just amazed at the trust the Lord put in my hands to allow me to be his friend during this process.

We ran together daily back home, I we will be working together now in the Lords work.

The theme of my letter is that those who truly become converted to the Lords gospel, realize the intense need to share it with everyone. Juliana, Dario, and Tanner now know the need to share the Joy that is found in Christ. I hope that each of you, can find your true conversion, and share the message of the restored gospel, with all who still don't know.

I love you all.
Elder Graves

Argentina Posadas Mission

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