Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Minute Transfers To/From Paraguay Due To Paperwork Legalities - New Companion Elder Gardner - Feeling Great Responsibility For The Zone/Searching For Guidance - Flat Stanley From Cousin Bailey - Computers Slow = No Pictures This Week - Happy Mother's Day Mom! - Happy Birthday Elder Braden Birch!

This is Taylor's Dad: 

As you will read below, the computer was behaving poorly (very slow) this week and in-spite of his efforts, he was unable to send the pictures that he had planned.  He had written some special things to his Mom for Mother's day and had some pictures (which Mom loves - as do I) but could not get them to load.  We will have to wait to see them.  For now, I found a picture of Taylor and his companion from his last area (Elder Hawke).  Here it is:

Here is Taylor's letter: 
Well this week was a fun one. Very eventful, very difficult, but very fun. We were doing some divisions, I was with an Elder in our area, and my companion Elder Morales was in another area with a different Elder. While I was working in my area, I received a rather interesting call. It was from the President of the Mission, President Lapierre. He called and said my companion was going to have to leave immediately to Paraguay. Another missionary (my new companion) was not legal in Paraguay because of paper work problems so he had to come here to Argentina for a time. My companion left without being able to say goodbye to many people here and he has been here for a long time. Poor guy. Anyway, what President told me is that the new companion (Elder Gardner) most likely wasn't going to be staying for very long, so he would not be a Zone Leader with me, this putting all the weight of the zone on my shoulders! Ah!
Anyway, as I have felt the weight of the world on me, I have found myself desiring to spend more time praying searching for answers, looking for ways that I can help the new elders in the Zone, the ones who are struggling, and I really feel like I am able to receive revelation in this way.

My little cousin Baily Sampson sent me a "Flat Stanley" as a project for her class in 3rd grade. The goal is to see how far in the world their Flat Stanleys can make it. I am going to send a few pictures of Baily´s Flat Stanley with me here in the great land of Argentina!

------------------------Unable To Upload Pictures This Week :-(  -----------------------------

... well it looks like Flat Stanley is going to have to wait for next week...  The computers here are extremely slow, and currently are not accepting me fotos. Sorry Baily! Next week for sure!

Well as I just wasted about a half hour of my hour trying to get pictures going I wont be able to write very much this week :( But if there is anything you should all know, it is that I am Happy :) clap along...

I'm super excited to be able to talk to my family this Mothers day and also want to publicly wish (without the picture letter and pictures I had taken for her :(  ) a super HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mom in the world! I love you Mom you are the best :)  

It is also one of my best friends birthday tomorrow, he is also my cousin and is serving in Oklahoma right now! Love ya bud happy bday.

I love all of you and apologize for not having the pictures... They were pretty cool :( We also had a pretty awesome Zone activity (which was also quite difficult planning alone) but was very fun to enjoy a less hot sun. 

I love the Lord and the work I am doing.

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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