Monday, April 20, 2015

Hurry Fill The Font! - Guided To Help A Daughter Of God - Pics With Elders Christensen & Collins - Lunch With Members

We really have had to do a "start over" in this area, but I am starting to feel like things are finally getting going. We are finding a few investigators here and there, and are enjoying the process of looking...searching... and sometimes when you get really lucky, finding.
I have only a few thoughts to share today, one is an experience that we had with a baptism that just happened here in the ward (the sister's baptism), that I had written about in my journal, and will have my mom type, what I took a picture of.
18 de Abril journal entry:
Well today was good.  The sisters in our ward had a baptism.  It was pretty crazy.  We got there about a half hour early to give a lesson to the Barto family in the chapel.  This is Taylor's Dad - this part of his journal entry was slightly illegible due to a blury copy of the journal, but I think he was saying that they got to the chapel a little early to teach another family, but then found out about a problem with the sister's baptism.  Taylor's journal continues,  The sisters told us that there was a small problem.  The member that was supposed to fill the baptismal font...didn't fill the font.  We had less than an hour to fill the font, which normally takes 2.5 hours.  We turned on the water pump and it was pumping out water very slowly.  We knew we were in trouble.  We got like everyone in the ward who was there working on finding buckets and using basically every water fountain, drinking fountain, even using the grass sprinklers to fill buckets and buckets of water.  We all worked hard and like crazy, but after about an hour and a half we filled the baptismal font and the Sister Paula was baptized (who has an incredible story finding the church).  
The people in this church are amazing.  In the face of a situation that was potentially horrible, the ward worked together to get this baptism to happen.  I learn to love the people of Argentina more every day.  
Amo este evangelio 
-End of Taylor's Journal Entry-

Now this is another experience that happened to me and Elder Hawk about a month ago, but never got around to telling the story, and I was just thinking about it, hoping that the woman involved is doing okay.

What had happened was that Elder Hawk and I were walking home and we were going to arrive at about 9:25. We can not be outside of our pension when it is later than 9:30. But as we were walking, we both had the impression to go say hi and invite a less active member to the church the following Sunday. We hadn't talked with him in a long time, so it was interesting that we both had the idea to go visit him. We arrived in his house, knowing that we didn't have anymore time than to say hello and make the invitation to him, but when we got there he wasn't there, but his wife was, who is not a member. She looked extremely sad. My companion had the impression to ask her if she would like to tell us her situation and why she felt sad. She told us everything. She was sitting there, in a deep depression, wondering what she was going to do next in her life. She owed an enormous amount of money, and her relationship with her husband was not going well. She told us that as she sat there she was contemplating the idea of taking her own life. She told us that her sins were to big and couldn't be reversed.
I told her the story of when the pharisees had brought the woman found in adultery to Christ wishing to stone her. But they asked him what he thought. He said that the man who did not have sin could cast the first stone. They all left. I told her that the power of repentance is real, and she began to cry. We sang "Mas cerca Dios de Ti" or "nearer my God to thee" to her and then we left. She felt the spirit and understood, at least partially the value that her life holds. I know that the spirit guided us to find her.

This is Elder Christensen. He has had the EXACT same mission as me. He started in Carlos a. Lopez replacing me when i left, after 3 months he went to Obera replacing me, then he took my spot with 7 months in the mission in Tacuari, just like I did... weird.

This is my "Dad" Elder Cashe Collins. He trained me in my first 6 weeks here and I owe a lot to him!

Here is a typical lunch in a member home :) I'm with Elder Nielson (the blonde missionary at the end of the table) again! He is in my Zone! If you remember he was in my district in the MTC!
Thank you for all the support shown. I really enjoy reading the experiences from so many missionaries, friends and family from all parts of the world. You are all great :)

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