Monday, April 13, 2015

Week Of Change - Clean (Without Mom :-) ! - Noises In The Ceiling - Pictures Of Friends - Trading Shirts/Jerseys - Churipan (The Healthy Diet) - Miss The People, Elder Hawk, The Ward and Tacuari

Well this was definitely a week of change! I changed areas, companions, and many other things. One of those things was that when I was with Elder Hawk, we always kept things really clean so that we could always feel the spirit. When I got to the new pension, I was a little bit worried of the spirit would possibly be able to be in our little home. Haha lets just say it needed some work. I decided that we would just get down and CLEAN today. It is super weird, but it seems like finally that my mom isn't here to clean for me, my desires to have things be cleaned has increased a lot. Haha.
Last night we were sleeping and all of a sudden I heard a crazy loud noise. I wasn't sure what it was. Then it just kept going, it sounded super creepy kind of like a bat but extremely louder than normal... I got up and said "Elder what is that??" He said he had no idea. We turned on the lights and tried to figure it out, but there was nothing! The noise kept going, and then we finally decided there must be rats, but we are talking REAL BIG RATS in our ceiling. Don't worry, at least now we will always have food, even if the mission money doesn't come in time ;)

1. This is a foto of me and the 2 converts Elder Hawk and I were a part of during my time in Tacuari. Dario and Grasiela. Grasiela was a reference of Dario, and Dario was a reference of the other woman (his mom) Monica. The Church is like a chain. When we realize the blessings we have from this church, we want to keep sharing them and help others receive the same blessings.

2. I have to include this foto because this lady really took care of us a lot. She sowed pants for us, made a new laundry bag, makes the most amazing American food, and is just always there to help the missionaries.
3.This is the family that we had just started working with. They are named the family Neira and really remind me of the Merrit family that my family had the privilege to fellowship and help them return to the church, as well as have their son baptized. The boy of 12 years should be baptized soon, but the goal was to wait until the dad would be worthy to be the one to baptize him.

4. This family is sooooo awesome! I really am going to miss them and still cant comprehend being on a mission and not having the Duarte family there. This is just a very small part of the family, but I became very good friends with Alejendro here and he gave me a "Boca Jersey" which is the equivalent of BYU here, where River is the equivalent of UTAH. After he gave me the shirt I decided to give him my Captain America shirt.

5. Well this is Enrique. He is just waiting for some papers of his divorce to go through, and he will be baptized in a few short weeks if all goes well. I really enjoyed teaching him and feeling of his sweet and humble spirit.

6. Well I have seen far to many pictures of my dad eating churipan to not send one of me eating churipan here. This was one of my first days here in Garupa and the members are already treating us really well (in other words, not allowing us to follow a healthy diet ;) )

If there is one thing I can say it is that I could have stayed in Tacuari for a very long time. I also could have remained being the companion of Elder Hawk for a very long time. He really helped me grow spiritually and I owe him so much for that. I have never learned so much as I have in these past 3 months with him and with the people of Tacuari. It is amazing, how much you can grow to love some people, and I will truly miss every member of that ward.

I love you all, and thank you continually for your support!

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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