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Transferred from Posadas :( - Incredible Sacrifices Made To Reach Baptism/Eternal Life - Miracle Meal Provided - Hello To Elder Roberts Mom :-)

Apparently the cool thing to do here in the Argentina Posadas Mission, for those of us who have blogs, is to give a "shout out" to the Mom of Elder Roberts (our financial secretary of the mission) because according to him, she often reads the blogs of other missionaries here in Posadas. So, i will start with a big SHOUT OUT to Elder Roberts Mom! Hi Elder Roberts Mom.

Well it looks like I will be leaving Posadas :( I am super sad that I have to leave, I have grown so close to so many people here and really will miss them. I will likely send pictures of all of them in the week that follows because I will be saying goodbye to everyone tonight and tomorrow. I will be going to a city that is only about an hour away called Garupá to lead the zone with my old Zone leader Elder Morales!

Well I am just going to do another "day in the life of Elder Graves" so that I can write more specifically to my family this week, but I wanted to let you know about an investigator named Enrique. He is a very wealthy man who has been separated from his wife for 30 years but never has been able to get around to divorcing her. He found the church a year ago (because of the missionaries who helped him build an additional ceiling to his house) and really liked it. He has continued reading the Book of Mormon and praying and recently started attending church without our help. We fasted so that his divorce would go through so that he could reach his goal of being baptize the 25th of April. There are major complications as his ex-wife desires that he give her half of what he owns. 
We taught him about the sacrifice of the pioneers and how they were willing to give up EVERYTHING to make the move to the west. We also taught him about the Father of Lamoni who was willing to give up half of his kingdom to live, but was willing to give up his whole kingdom to achieve eternal life.
We asked him what he would be willing to do to be baptized? What would he be willing to give up? He told us anything and everything. He will be baptized this 25th of April if all goes well, unfortunately I won't be here to see it, but I am still so  proud! 

Okay Mom, you are not allowed to freak out on this story! It is an extremely spiritual experience that my companion and I went through, and I don't want you to worry! We have all we need, and are very well taken care of by the Lord and by the members of his Church.

Journal entry from Viernes 3 de Abril, 2015

Today we experienced quite the miracle. Well, actually it started on Monday. We had been really busy with all our P-day things that when it reached 5:30. We realized we still hadn’t done our shopping for the food that week. I told my companion that even though we would not be able to start working exactly on time it was necessary that we have food. My companion immediately quoted a scripture and told me that we should rely on the Lord and we would be fine if we just worked and didn’t worry about food. Well...on Thursday we ate the very last amount of food that we had in the apartment. So we went out to work that morning (without breakfast) ready to work. Luckily we had planned a lunch with an hermana so we were planning on eating with her family at 12:30. We arrived and she had completely forgotten to make lunch so we didn’t know what do do! Luckily, we live in the big city so we decided we were just going to go eat in a burger place around the corner. We got was closed. We passed by another place and it was closed. We started realizing that even the biggest super markets were closed because it was the day that Jesus Christ died so everyone just stayed inside ALL DAY. We had no clue what to do. We couldn’t buy anything, the stores were closed. Our lunch canceled and we didn’t know where to find food because we didn’t even have any at home. As we walked - thinking about what we were going to do, I honestly wasn’t at all worried. As we walked, a lady came up to us yelling, “Elders! Elders!” and she said she had something for us. She said that she had been thinking that she needed to give us food as she saw us pass by, but didn’t know why she felt that way. She ran back and got a big bag of bread, a lot of fish, rice, and vegetables and gave it to us to eat. We told her thank you and that she was a miracle for us. I trust that the Lord protects his missionaries when they are obedient. Don’t worry, tomorrow we will be buying breakfast as all the stores will be open again, but I want you all to know that I know that this was nothing smaller than a miracle.


Us with an empty fridge.

 Post Priesthood Party

Amo a este evangelio!

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission

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