Monday, March 30, 2015

Funny Experience Clapping Houses - Enjoying The Sacrament - Loved The Marathon/Love The Mission/Endure - Many Friends Join The Lord's Army - Mate Statue - View From Apartment

Well sometimes the funnest things us missionaries get to do is "clap houses."  My companion and I have gone contacting a couple of times recently (when we didn't have appointments) and have had some of the FUNNIEST moments.  For example, we clapped one house and I said (in Spanish), "Hello!  We are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and we would like to share a message.  Can we enter?"  The man then said, "No."  My companion humbly asked, "Why?"  The man said, "Well, because I'm the devil!  Go away!"  Haha!  We have also had two people this week tell us that they can't speak with us because they have "unbearable diarrhea."  Yeah, two people said the exact same thing. 

Many times as missionaries we spend the whole Sunday going crazy wondering what we can do to help investigators to come to church, calling, walking to house early in the morning, and often the main focus is lost, that being the sacrament.  Yesterday, I truly just enjoyed sacrament being thankful that I can always be there.  I really felt the Spirit in that meeting yesterday. 

I also gave another talk yesterday and talked about the marathon that I ran before my mission.  I talked about how it taught me so many things, many of which have to do with "enduring to the end."  This has a lot to do with the mission because it is hard here.  But I told them in the talk that I loved the marathon.  I loved every step.  I also love my mission and wouldn't cut it short a day if I could.  As my Nana would say (grandma) I told the congregation in English, and then later in Spanish, that "I can do hard things."  Then I told them that each of them also can "do hard things."  I realize time and time again that I am so blessed.  The trials I have faced in my life have made me what I am today, and plead to our Heavenly Father, that he doesn't stop giving me trials.  They are what help me grow.

One of my best friends, Tanner Vario just received his mission call to Ohio, speaking Spanish.  I can never take credit for the conversion that he went through but I am grateful that in only a few short weeks it will make a whole year since I could baptize him and help, as an instrument of God, put him on a better course.  Yesterday a woman asked me why I didn't just go home and why I was willing to be away from my family for so long.  I told her it was because I saw what the gospel of Jesus Christ did to Tanner and I will do anything to help another child of God go through that same experience. 

I am so grateful that Tanner (and so many other of my high school friends) are joining me in the Lord's army.  I thank you all for your bravery and want you to know that your decision to serve will change the course of your life.

Doy testimonio de que Cristo vive y que el nos ama y que el es mi Hermano, y agradezco diariamente que yo tengo la oportunidad a representar a el.  Les quiero a todos Ustedes. 

This is the traditional "Guy drinking Mate statue" here in Posadas that is very well known and my companion told me that it was necisarry as a missionary here in Posadas to take a picture with it :)

Here is the view we have from our apartment! This picture doesnt really do it justice! It is actually really awesome, and I like taking part of the morning watching the sun rise!

I love you all and I love this gospel.

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission

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