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Priesthood Blessings Of Healing - Grasiela Baptized By Dario A New Member Himself - Home Remedies - Elder Thomas & Elder Graves Played Against Each Other Prior To The Mission

Well today I don't have a ton of time, but I do have a few experiences that I would like to share.

As we work in the blistering heat, day in day out, under the sun running from spot of shade to other spot of shade, sometimes our bodies get mad at us... haha. This week I had a pretty high fever and we were pretty worried about what we were going to do, because we had a LOT of appointments to get to in the next couple of days. I drank lots of water, and took some medicine, but i stayed pretty sick for a good 2 days. We left and worked a little bit trying to not fall to far behind in our workload, but I really just couldn't keep going. We finally decided to call the mission office, and they made us stay in the house for the rest of the day. Let me just say that I now have a testimony that WORK IS A LOT MORE FUN, THAN DOING NOTHING. Haha, but finally in the end of the day we decided to ask the bishop from our ward here to come down and give me a blessing with Elder Hawk. The blessing was so powerful. He said, "We command this sickness to leave immediately so that you can continue working in the Lords work and that your recovery will be quick, and excellent".
The next morning and whatever pain I had in my body was relieved. 
That same morning we recieved a call from a member who said that her sister was in the hospital on her deathbed (we had known about this for a couple of days) and that she wanted us to come give her a blessing. I honestly thought we were going to be giving her "final blessing" as she would pass away, but the words that slipped out of my mouth were not those. The words I remember best were "You will be able to bless thousands of lives here in this life". The spirit in that room was so strong. I know my words were guided by the spirit.

Graciela was baptized! We were so happy to have the chance to help her learn about the gospel and it was incredible to see what the members were willing to do to help her get to this point. I am also so proud of what Dario was able to do, and to see that he already is becoming a missionary. Seeing him, baptize her (with the help of Elder Hawk because Grasiela has a bad back) was probably to this point the proudest point of my mission.

After the baptism! Her smile! People here don't like to smile in pictures! But we GOT IT!

Elder Hawk and Dario practicing how to do the baptism with a backup person!

Here in Argentina there are a lot of "at home remedies".  For a fever they say that if you put a towel on your head and a glass full of water on top of it, the bubbles the  towel makes will take away your fever... haha. So we tried it. Lets just say... I ended up with a wet cabeza.

I love you all! 
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
This is Taylor's Dad:
As an added bonus this week, Taylor sent me a brief e-mail indicating that he played High School Basketball against one of the missionaries in his district, Brenan Thomas (#23 from Richfield, UT).  They guarded each other several times throughout the year and were both chosen to play during the Utah State 3A All-Star game (on opposing teams) just before they began their missions.  Here are some pictures of the two of them on the court during the All-Star game (back in March of 2014).  Neither one of them knew that the other had also been called to serve in Posadas, Argentina.  One year after the pictures below were taken, they are playing on the same team - the Lord's team - in the district of Posadas, Argentina.  It is a small world.


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