Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Taylor Wins Race And Family Attends Church As A Result - Faith That Delayed Baptism Will Go Forward - Opposition In All Things - Proselyting/Reactivating/Teaching - Countdown To Conference

Okay this week really has been a great one. Although, it started with a bit of set back... The baptism that was supposed to happen, didn't happen. We were talking with Grasiela (the woman who was going to be baptized by Dario) and she had told us that her daughter was not very happy with the decision she is making. She has told her lots of rumors about Mormons that are just silly and outrageous and it scared her. So she told us that she wanted to wait some more time. We decided, us missionaries, Dario and her, that we are going to set a new goal for this Saturday. I hope to be sending pictures of the baptism this Monday that comes!!! Her testimony is very strong, and she has a ton of friends in the church, I think she just wants her family to understand her decision better.
It is interesting how every good thing that ever happens in our lives, the adversary is always there trying to stop it from happening. Just like how Joseph Smith was literally attacked by the adversary, until Joseph finally was able to call out to the Father, and then later saw him with His Son at His side. EVERY time that something good is about to happen, the adversary will try to stop it. A missionary once told me, if your life starts to seem really comfortable, you should probably change something. Or if the adversary isn't there trying to stop your good works, that probably means you could act a little more. 

Random foto:
sometimes, when we say a zone meeting starts at 9, it really doesn't start until a lot after 9... ;)

Quick funny experience, I bet a 15 year old kid that I could beat him in a race to the End of the road, and if I beat him, he would have to come to church. Lets just say, even with the air drag of my tie flapping in the wind, Ive still got some speed ;) I won! His family came yesterday and it was really great to see them there.

Okay another experience that I want to share. I don't know if I have talked about Anival yet, but he is a man we are helping to quit smoking. He has gotten down to 1 cigarette for every 2 days. He is doing great and we are very happy for the faith he is showing. However, when we arrived at his house this past Friday, he told us that he would not be able to accept us because he was in too much back pain, because of a major problem he has had for a long time. We asked him if he had ever talked to a doctor about the back pain, and he told us "No way! I am terrified of the doctor and have never gone and never will." He legitimately has a major fear of going to the doctor. We told him instead of a lesson that day we could just offer him a blessing (with the member we were with who we recently helped start coming back to church named Osvaldo Cristaldo). I was chosen to talk in the blessing, and the power that we all felt in that room was indescribable. I said, after the general start of the prayer, "Como la voz del Señor te doy una bendicion..." or "As the voice of the Lord, I give you a blessing..." I have never said words and felt such power. During the blessing Anival was counseled to shake away his fears and act in his faith to seek medical help.
 In the end of the prayer, I sat down, and literally felt the difference, from when I was speaking during the blessing, and the nothingness that really I am. It was perhaps one of the most humbling experiences I could have imagined, and honestly is almost impossible to describe to you all.
We talked to him at Church this Sunday.  He told us that he followed the council and went to the Doctor. I am so proud of him. Sometimes the Lord wants us to act in our faith before we are healed. It is interesting, acting as the voice of the Lord, and seeing the different ways that he wants his children to act in their faith.

I love this gospel and love all of you!
"​Sleeping" while it is my companion's turn to make calls to the zone late at night.
Companionship moto: ¡Vinimos Para Predicar!
 ​We made a "Countdown to Conference" on our wall! Elder Hawk was pretty tired after a long hard day :)

Love you all thanks for your support!
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  1. In case you are wondering "Vinimos Para Predicar" means "Azért jöttünk, hogy prédikáljunk", which means "we came to preach". (spanish, hungarian, english)

    1. Thanks Papa! I like the Hungarian :-) already knew the Spanish, but I'm sure that many people did not. Love you.