Monday, April 4, 2016

Watching General Conference Together From With 6,000 Miles Between Us - Sharing The Gospel Brings True Happiness

During my mission, I have had many good times, and there have been some difficult times. I always knew this would be the case. The good times, I have learned, come when I get the chance to teach the restored gospel. The harder times are when something impedes me from doing so. In my mind I think I figured that this way of thinking would come to a close when my mission ends, but as my mission is nearing its close each day, I realize something. My happiness will continue to grow as I share this Gospel, even when I am home.

The only thing that I would like to say this week is that, as we have all been inspired by real prophets and witnesses of the Lord during this conference weekend, that we might follow their example and go out and serve.

Could each of you do me a favor? Could each of you go have some sort of interaction with the missionaries? Be bold! Invite a friend to meet them! Invite a neighbor family to Family Home Evening and invite the missionaries as well! Even if it is just a dinner appointment. Our true happiness comes from sharing the gospel. So, this week, instead of telling a fun story, and hoping that you feel the spirit from that, I give you each an invitation, and hope the Spirit works to move you towards sharing the gospel.

I love you all! Have a great week.

This is Taylor's Dad:
We were thrilled to know that Taylor was watching conference with us (though he was 6,000 miles away - for that particular day, we knew exactly what he was doing - He was listening with us).  As Kirsten and I were grateful to know that all of our children were listening to conference with us, Taylor sent us this picture that reaffirmed our thoughts of being "together" as we listened.  
Near the very end of the first session, Kirsten thought that we should take a picture of us in front of the TV so that we could also show Taylor that we were actually watching "with" him too.  Kirsten grabbed the camera and told everyone to line up in front of the TV.  She tried and tried to get the timer to work so that we could all be in the picture, but no matter what she just didn't work.  So...she finally took a picture without the timer, but wanting to be in the picture also, she asked me to take a picture with her in it.  We traded spots.  I took a picture with her in it and then I tried to get the timer on the camera to work as the closing song ended.  The problem was that conference was ending and it was time for the prayer.  Finally, I was able to get the timer to start, but not until the song had finished.  I yelled "I got it" but everyone knew that the prayer was about to begin, so nobody knew what to do.  As people started to sit down, I told everyone "wait!  It's going to take it!  Wait!  We need a picture to send to Taylor!"  The timer was slow and the prayer began.  Everyone was uncomfortable and unsure what to do, so...for a couple of seconds after the prayer began, we fidgeted and smiled waiting.  Kayla was caught in the picture, finally too uncomfortable to keep her eyes open, but still smiling :-)  We got our picture and proved that this really is a world wide church gathered in a technologically created  "world wide hall" like Henry B. Eyring referred to in the first conference talk on Saturday morning.  Anyway, now you know why, we were taking a picture after the prayer was started.  It was a fun experience that we will all remember with fondness.  Next time we will take the picture a little earlier :-)

Here are the pictures of our efforts :-) :


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