Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amazing Physical Transformation - Protecting Skin With Hats & Looking More Like The Texan That He IS :-) - I Think I See A House!!! - Walking, Walking, Walking & Sometimes A Ride :-) - Working Together Towards Physical Fitness Goals - Mom's Birthday Gift

A picture is worth a thousand words. This week will be all about pictures :)


Just off to work in a normal day in Agua Blanca...I love the wide variety of nature that we see out here. 
I love it when we are walking out in the nothingness like you see in this picture, we will see a house off in the distance, and my companion will yell, "ELDER ELDER! I SEE A HOUSE!!! LETS GO TALK TO THEM!"

As you saw in the last picture, it is very common that we have to walk great distances to get to our lessons in Agua Blanca, however, sometimes the good people out there see us and tell us to get in the back of their trucks and give us a ride!

 As you can see here we decided to buy hats... don't worry, it is allowed in our mission, but I have avoided hats like the plague, because... they are just goofy! But my companion convinced me that I look like a "real Texan now" so I guess I thought it would be alright to protect our skin from the sun now with some good old straw cowboy hats.
This is my companion! He got here to Agua Blanca, and asked if I could help him lose weight so he could more effectively serve the lord.
Through lots of hard work and dedication, he has lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks! He is a very hard worker and I am so proud of his dedication (even when the workouts I give him...he thinks are crazy!)

As I am able to serve him in just a small way by helping him with his exercises, he asked if there was anything that he could do for me. I told him that my Mom's birthday was coming up, and I wasn't sure what do do yet. He said he had a good idea. He is a very good artist, and drew my family in front of the salt lake temple! (As we don't have hardly any extra time, he sacrificed a few minutes of sleep here and there to finish this for me. He is a great friend to me.)

So mom, even though you don't get to see the original yet... here is a picture of your Birthday present. You are lucky you get to "open" it early.

If you cannot tell, it goes, Shauna, me, Mom, Dad, Jake and then Amber.

I love being a missionary, and hope to "sprint to the finish!"  I love this gospel and will keep doing my best to the end... and then keep working in this work once I get home.

Love you all. 


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