Monday, April 25, 2016

Finishing With A Runner's "Kick" That Started With 3 Days Of Rest :-) - It Is Not About How Much Time We Spend Working, But More What We Do With The Little Time That We Have

This is Taylor's Dad.  Since Taylor wasn't able to send us any pictures this week, I have attached a couple that we received a few months ago from some of the people that Taylor and his companions had visited.  The pictures are not related to this letter and are not the people that he spoke about in this letter, but I wanted to include some pictures (applicable to this letter or not :-)  )

Here is Taylor's letter:

Last week I had lots of pictures, this week, 0... sorry!

It is interesting the way that the Lord humbles us sometimes. This past week, as I was starting my first week of my last transfer, I set some of the highest, and craziest goals with my companion to try and finish my mission with a "kick", as any runner would say. I was so excited to give it my all in these last few weeks that I have left! When, all of a sudden, my companion became very sick, and we have been stuck indoors for the past 3 days :( At first, I felt kinda like my last transfer in the mission had already become a failure. I felt sad about it, but then I realized how many of you constantly are praying for me, and how many of you are there supporting me. I realized that their must be a reason for this pause that we had to take. I tried to take advantage of my time, and get to know the Lord better through prayer, the scriptures, know my companion better as well, and write a few letters to my family. I learned that it is not so much how much time we work, but more, what we do with the little time we have.

To give a quick update on our investigators...
Corina is still amazing as ever. She has almost read the whole Book of Mormon, but is not able to be baptized because her husband has not been married with her yet. He says that he will do it to let her be baptized, but he is not wanting to pay the fee that the state requires to be married. I must be honest, I was tempted to just pay the fee, because it is very small, but they need to learn from the beginning of their membership to be self sufficient. I know she will be baptized, but I just pray that I will be here to witness it.

Luisa and Julian are doing great, but Julian must be divorced before he can get married to his "wife" to later be baptized. Here in Paraguay, divorce is something that will take at least 6 months, and probably a bit more. However, they always do their nightly prayers, come to church and have family home evening. They are what we called "Dry Mormons" ;)

Francisca. We just found her and she is coming to church and in the very first lesson we had with her, we asked her "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" She almost yelled in her response, "YES I WANT TO!" 

There are many more, but there is not enough time to write about each of them.

As the weeks go by, my mind cant decide to be happy or sad about the fact that my mission is coming to a close. All I know is that I have done my best, and I am going to finish with everything I have.

I love you all.


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