Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cold Weather - An Unexpected Ride Home - Tithing...An Investment

What happened to the heat?? Seriously, last Sunday (8 days ago) my companion and I decided for the first time that we would not bring our suit coats to church because it was just unbearably hot, but all of the sudden the temperature dropped without warning! It is crazy! Working in the cold, is very different from working in the heat, but I like it just as much :)

This is us right before a lesson. The family was so nice to allow us to wait for the investigators to arrive, and we sat around the fire to warm up.

Just so you all know, my area is called Katuete... but I think almost all of the stories that I come I tell come from my miraculous experiences of Agua Blanca. The other city that we are blessed to visit twice a week. I think we see so many miracles there because we really have to have faith in the Lord for everything to work out. 

It was getting late at night on Friday as my companion and I were walking in Agua Blanca.  We were already exhausted. We could barely keep moving! We had one more lesson to do before going home, but in all honesty we had a sense of dread for what was to come after our lesson, the reason being that our ride home had canceled on us, meaning that we would be forced to walk somewhere around 10 miles in the cold, late at night, to be able to arrive home after our lesson. I kept telling my companion that we just needed to focus on the lesson and the Lord would provide the way. (Realizing very well that "the way" might be our legs).
As we finished our long walk towards our last investigator's home, there was a man standing in the middle of the road. He called to us, and because it was dark, we thought it was a bit strange, but we kept walking towards him and asked him what he needed. He asked us where we were headed, we explained our situation, and he offered us a ride home once we had finished our last lesson of the night.
It is incredible how often miracles like this happen to us when we are in Agua Blanca, mostly because we go out not really knowing exactly how everything will turn out, but that the Lord will surely provide the way. My hope is to continue relying on Him in this way for the rest of my life.
Another great testimony that I have received recently is about tithing. I know it is a true principle. If we pay it we are blessed. Not only this, but it should be our highest priority of "investments". A sister from Agua Blanca explained to us, how they try so hard to earn just a little bit of money, just so they can pay their tithing. You see, they live on a farm, and literally do not use money (occasionally it is necessary of course but  they use very little money). However, their desires to receive the blessings that are promised to us in the scriptures are so great, that they work, just so that they can have the opportunity to pay their tithing. I hope that we can all look at tithing in such a way.

I love the mission, and have spent much time wondering how life will be when I am no longer a missionary. It scares me. It excites me.  Even though I don't really know how everything is going to turn out, I do know that the Lord will again provide the way.


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