Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 Weeks Left!!! - Grateful For A Faithful Family

Elder Sampaio made Lasagna!

I feel very blessed to have been able to talk to my family yesterday. For my blog today, I will only be writing a short experience, that I tried to explain to my family last night, but really was unable to (mostly because I don't speak English very well under pressure anymore!! ;) 

We decided to end our conversation with a prayer, and they asked me to chose who I wanted to pray. I felt that it would be nice to hear my sister Amber say the prayer. She prayed, and the Spirit touched my heart and testified to me how so truly blessed I am.

I spend hour after hour day after day, looking for those who really seek Jesus Christ. They want to find him. They want their families to be happy. They just don't know where to find this long searched for happiness. As I heard my sister pray, I realized how incredible it is that she, along with my whole family, knows how to turn to the Lord in time of need. They know what a temple is and how incredible it is to have one near. They understand the power of fasting. They know the importance of daily scripture study.

My family is not perfect, but talking to them yesterday made me realize something. I am not the only one developing spiritually during this time that I am here on the mission. They too are becoming closer to the Savior. I think that I mentally have it in my head that when I return home, everything will be exactly the same as I left it, but I now realize, that is not the case, but that the Lord has been working in the hearts of each of my family members, whether they realize the incredible spiritual growths that have happened or not. If they cant see it, at least I can.

Sorry for not giving much of an update on the area this week, but I just want all to know about the love I have for my family.

Have a great week everyone!


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