Monday, March 28, 2016

Corina To Be Married & Baptized! - Teaching In Guarani - Gift Of Tongues - Julia's Baptism

This story should go in the Liahona! Julia Acosta was baptized this past Saturday, and I can not believe the adventure that my companion and I took to help her achieve an understanding of the gospel. We are very happy for her. Again, my companion continues to teach her with his unusual gift of pronouncing the Book of Mormon, and she is understanding very well. I remember thinking that it must be impossible to teach the people that only speak Guarani, but more and more each day I am reminded how NOTHING is impossible when we trust in our Maker.

I am not sure if I have mentioned Corina yet, but she is one of the most incredible investigators we have had here in Katuete, and she is from the little town called Agua Blanca. She read the Book of Mormon and was instantly in love. She asked God in a humble prayer if the book was true, and if this was the church that she should join, and she received a clear answer from the Lord that this is His path.

Ever since that day she has spent her time studying studying and studying the Book of Mormon, and has grown so much in her knowledge. She often teaches me new things that I didn't know! The only problem was that her husband has a very strong catholic tradition in his family.  He didn't like the idea of his wife getting baptized in our church. To be able be baptized she was going to have to marry him, but he did not want to do that for some reason. Finally, unsure what would be the next step for her, we challenged her to fast with us. She agreed and we fasted. Later on in the day we received a call from her and she told us that they had decided to be separated so that she could be baptized. This was very sad for us as well as for her.  Later on in the week, Corina told us that her husband had a change of heart. He came up to her and said, "I don't care what my family says anymore. We are going to get married, you are going to get baptized, and we are going to go to church as a family." I was shocked when I heard this, as he has only agreed to shake my hand one time, let alone come to church.

I know that God answers our fasts and our prayers.

Finally, yesterday was Pascua... or Easter. In South America, it is a very big holiday, and EVERYONE participates. The tradition is... not do anything for the whole week, and then on Sunday everyone has family over.
Here in Paraguay, the people are so nice, that when we contact houses we literally have a probably 8 lessons in every 10 houses that we contact. Yesterday... I felt like I was in the United States, or Great Britain, or Russia or something! Literally no one let us in! It was crazy, but I loved every moment, and my companion and I somehow had a blast getting rejected. That might sound weird, but I have always wondered what it would be like to be rejected a lot like they always say happens in other missions! 

I love the mission that I am serving, and am grateful for the prayers that are uttered for us and for those that we are teaching.


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