Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wrestling With A Turkey :-) - The Mother Pig - Teaching Through Language Barriers (I Guarani) Results In Finding A New Family - Dario & Luis Baptized - Trials Yield Blessings

I think at the end of each week, I usually have more stories about Agua Blanca, than I do about Katuete... I always seem to have my bike helmet on in my pictures lately! But its because there are always crazy things that happen when we go there!


This turkey, who is of the Hermana Benita, got mad at me the other day, and seriously attacked me! I don't know if any of you have seen a Turkey attack, but they seriously are so crazy and fast, and I had to hide behind my bike, so it wouldn't get me.  I think I told my companion that Turkey is really tasty thinking that this specific turkey didn't speak Spanish, but I think I was wrong. So me and the turkey ended up wrestling as you can see in this picture. Luckily I still had my helmet on.
Some of the greatest things we can do in the mission work is invite our friends to ward activities. This is not something that happens too often out here because of the distance that has to be traveled, and the lack of members, but In other places, there are frequent activities, and we should always try to invite friends so that they can come to know the church. It is always a lot easier to come to the church building for the first time when it is a simple activity. Later on they will feel desires to return. President Lapierre, gave us permission to play volley ball with the investigators and members, and we had a blast this past week!

Right around when Elder Cancino and I started to really start working hard in Agua Blanca, when we recognized the potential, that it truly has, we were teaching a woman named Rufina. She really can't hear at all, and what makes things even more difficult, is that she speaks no Spanish.  She only speaks Guarani. So in the lessons, Elder Cañete speaks in Guarani, and I try to listen and understand the conversation, and usually can understand where they are going, but in all honesty, I cannot pronounce the words in Guarani, so I really am no help when we teach in pure Guarani. 
One day as Elder Cañete was teaching her, I was pretty sure that he was talking about repentance and baptism, and when he stopped talking, I kind of made them stop there conversation and said to him "Wait wait wait, Elder, you are talking about baptism right?" He said "yes" I continued, "Do you think you are going to challenge her to be baptized?" As if we had just taken a time out from the discussion, he said " I don't know. Do you think I should?" I said, "Sure! Good luck bud!" and then the "game-time" continued... In the end she rejected the invitation, but gave us a reference to someone who lived close to her, who she thought would be interested. It was Julian, Luisa, Dario, and Luis. Within the very first moments of meeting them, we challenged them to be baptized and they quickly accepted. They have done ALL they can to become true converts to this true church, and continue to do so. Dario and Luis, were baptized this week, and their parents will be baptized later on. They are not yet married, and will have to wait for some paper work to pass to be able to get married, and then be baptized.

Sometimes trials come! But if there is one thing I have learned, it is that if a trial comes, we better be ready to receive an even bigger blessing.

Love you all.


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