Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Eating Cow Heart & Yucca Plant - Miracle Yields Record Attendance In Church - Benita's Baptism - Antero Awaiting Test Results -

As I know he has been in your prayers, he has certainly been in ours. Antero unfortunately has not been given his results yet, but they have assured him that he will know them tomorrow. Again, I will update you on his status in this coming week.  Thank you for your many prayers on his behalf.

Benita was baptized this past Saturday! We were so very happy to see her testimony grow. She had been listening to the Elders for some time now, and decided that the time had arrived to enter into the waters of baptism. She fully understands that baptism is not something to play with. When we are baptized, we are not instantly perfected. The remission of our sins comes through the Holy Ghost as we keep the commandments. Benita is the sister of the most faithful member of our group. They both live in Agua Blanca and have to travel in horrible conditions to make it to church each week about 20 kilometros. They are both so faithful.

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Agua Blanca has already taken a very special place in my heart... (this pun honestly was not intended). The food is so unusual, but also very tasty. This week we ate Mandioca (known as yucca plant in some places) and an entire cow heart! 

When I arrived here in this area, I quickly realized that there was not going to be much progress in Agua Blanca, as investigators could not make it to church due to distance and mud trails. My companion and I prayed and searched guidance. We looked into building a church house in AB, as well as renting a small place, when a small miracle occurred. A member offered to permanently pay for a transport system so that Agua Blanca can always make it to church. We are so grateful for this tender mercy from the Lord. Due to this, as well as lots of hard work from members with us in the mission work, we had a record attendance of church this week of 42 individuals, (normally we have 15-20 people in church) 14 of them being investigators. The Lord is blessing this area, much of which has to do with the prayers that each of you offer for me and my companion. Thank you.

This place has the worlds BEST empenadas!

When we had a mission conference in Ciudad del Este, Sonia and the family came to visit me! E. Cancino let her know that I was coming! 

Us this morning riding our bikes for a P-day if we don't bike enough in this area... :)

Love you all


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