Monday, January 18, 2016

Videos Of Taylor In The Paraguayan Wilderness - The Sun Came Out! - Teaching & Blessing Antero While He Battles Cancer

When we leave the pension to go work, we have formed a habit of saying a prayer, my companion saying "let´s go dude!" and then I give him a hug, and say "con todo de lo que tenemos!" or "with everything we have!" You could definitely say that these past couple of weeks have been exhausting, but we have enjoyed every moment of it.

The sun came out! Holy cow! It has been so long since I have seen the sun, and maybe now you can all tell that I am a little bit more burnt, because my skin wasn't used to seeing the sun! Now luckily the rain stopped and we are enjoying true summer time! I love the heat, and feel bad for those of you who have to deal with that fluffy white powder that falls from the sky. The heat is much better ;)

This week I will not be writing very much, but I decided to video part of an adventure with our Group Leader, making our way to a family that he came to know and wanted us to teach them. It was quite the journey and I hope you can all get an idea what it is like out here on days when we go to "Agua Blanca". The other days we are in the down town city! It is quite the difference.  Videos of our travels in the Paraguayan wilderness follow:

The day I got here we found a man who had recently moved into a member's house (her brother) who was very sick, and he knew that we had the power of God, so he asked us that we might give him a blessing. We of course did. If you could have seen him when we came to give him the blessing, you might have been scared. He was clearly a very skinny man, as you could very well see his cheek bones in his face, but his stomach had swollen to that of a 350 pound man. It was actually a rather disturbing sight, and made me wonder what could possibly be happening in that poor man's body. We gave him the blessing, and we asked him if we could leave him with a short message. He accepted, and we felt the need to challenge him to repent of his sins and be baptized. Without almost any teachings, he immediately accepted. He said that he was so happy that God had finally shown him the true path.

Two or three days later we got news that he was going to have to travel to another city to be operated on, and just yesterday we got news that he has cancer in many parts of his frail body. He is likely not going to live much longer. 

When he was told what his problem was, it was told to us that he said that his main preocupación (concern) was that he needed to be baptized so that he could be ready to meet God. This brings tears to my eyes just thinking about this man. 

My companion and I have dedicated a part of every prayer that we make to this man's well being (His name is Antero Panello) and would like to ask each of you that you might pray for him as well. We will hear tomorrow if he will be coming home or not this week and will let you know this following week.

What is great about this gospel is that we each have a chance, a second chance, and a third...etc. No matter what we have gone through, through Christ we can be healed.

I love you - each and every one!


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