Monday, January 11, 2016

Riding Through The Mud To Teach In Agua Blanca - Dad's Kryptonite (Peanut M&M's) - Adolfo & Yaqueline's Baptism Scheduled - Teaching In Spanish & Portuguese - Church Is Very Small In New Area, But Work Progresses With A Strong Spirit & 6 Investigators In Church Sunday

This first picture is of us today on P-Day exploring an American Mall. I think I found my Dad's Kryptonite (sorry only my family will understand).  I found my Kryptonite as I used some Christmas money to buy myself a HUGE jar of peanut butter. :) I am so happy!

In Katuete, we basically have two areas. One is Katuete. The other one is called Agua Blanca, or White Water. There are members (as well as 3 investigators that should be baptized in February)  who live there. They normally come to church in Katuete, but when there is rain (and there has been rain every day for almost 70 straight days and I am not exaggerating) it is literally impossible to make it to church. The trail that they take to make it to church becomes a "slow" quick sand and only the strongest 4x4 trucks can make it with out getting stuck. So we have the awesome opportunity to go out there 2 times a week to preach to them.  I will tell you one thing however, visiting those good people is not without sacrifice! We ride our bikes (I always dreamed of being a missionary on a bike!!) 25 miles in total on the days we go out there. It is quite tiring, because we have to do it during the heat of the day. When we get there, we are always welcomed with lots of water and food by the members there. They are incredible.
This is what happens when it rains while we are out on our bikes in Agua Blanca (white water). Lets just say, in reality... the agua isn't all that blanca.

This is us with Adolfo and Yaqueline. They are Brazilians living here in Paraguay, and luckily speak Spanish well enough (although my companion and I can almost fluently understand Portuguese now) and are learning so much about the gospel. This was a Family Home Evening that we had that was a huge success, that helped inspire them to be baptized on the 30th of January

As I mentioned before, this group is small, and when there is rain, it is smaller. We arrived to church about 15 minutes early and no one was there still this Sunday. At 8:30 (when church should start) one car pulled up. It was Adolfo and Yaqueline. In the first hour of church, they were the only ones there (besides my companion and I). My companion taught the first hour of church. Then, 4 more investigators showed up for the second hour! Shortly after, we had our first members of the church show up. I taught the second hour of class (because the teacher never came) and then gave a spur of the moment talk in sacrament meeting. Although this might sound like it should have been a very stressful experience, it was probably the most peaceful and most wonderful Sabbath Day I have experienced in my life. After pondering a lot, I figured out why. I stopped thinking about myself, and constantly thought about how others were feeling during the meeting, hoping that they could have a spiritual experience, and in doing so, had incredible spiritual experiences myself as well.

I love this gospel. I say that every day at the end of my journal entry, and it's true.

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