Monday, February 1, 2016

Rufina Dreamt Of The Missionaries The Night Before They Showed Up At Her Door - South American People Are A People Of Faith - Antero Continues His Search For Truth & His Battles With Health

Antero came back and is at home resting. He is actually in pretty bad shape, but has expressed to us that he has felt the prayers from all around the world.  He is thankful to all of you for praying for him. He was very happy to hear that there are people from the United States who are thinking about his well being. He has expressed to us that his only desire is to spend the rest of his life, even if it is a short time, serving the Lord.
Unfortunately, while he was in the hospital, several other religious denominations contacted him and started talking to him about his need to be baptized. He now feels that it might be better for him to be baptized in a different church, as he feels uneasy about the Book of Mormon. We will be having a Family Home Evening with him and his family this Wednesday to help him gain a testimony of that special book, that in reality is the proof that the man who died on the cross, was not just a man, but truly our Savior.

The people here of South America are a people of faith. Faith is what produces miracles. God wants to work miracles, but sometimes, for our lack of faith, we don't allow him. The people here, truly BELIEVE. 
In the same day, 2 women from Agua Blanca told us of something very interesting. One being Rufina (who is coming to church regularly now) told us that before we got there, the night before, she had felt lonely, and that she needed Jesus. She prayed and prayed that she could meet Jesus. As she prayed she felt a special peace, and went to sleep. As she slept, she told us that she dreamt that two Priests of other churches came to her door, and quickly left. Then several minutes later, 2 Mormon Missionaries showed up, and they stayed and talked to her. That was the end of the dream. The very next day, she was astonished to see that we showed up to her front door step.

I know the Spirit guides us missionaries. He wants us to be instruments to answer the prayers of others, and every time I realize that I do just that, my joy is so full.

I am out of time, and was going to tell you more about the other woman, who also dreamed that we would come, and we came, but time does not permit.

Thank you for all you do for me. I love being here, and couldn't feel more blessed than I am now.


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