Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teaching In Garupa - Love Being His Representative - Zone Doubles In Size

It is always rough when you had been planning a baptism, and the day that they were supposed to be baptized, passes without the baptism. Alejandro, and Yanina have seemed to have disappeared yet again, and we have had to make the painful decision of stopping teaching them for a time. This is one of the hardest things to do as a missionary. You see people growing, and you grow to love them, but they aren't ready like you hoped, and you have to swallow your pride and let them go for a while, and let God work on His time. They were not baptized, but I know that their hearts were touched, and I will be forever honored to be able to say that I took part in that experience they had. They will never forget the 3 weeks that 2 Gringos/Yankees, came to there home, and taught them from the little blue book, the Book of Mormon.

We have been teaching another partial member family here in Garupa, and they are called the Family Rodriguez. I think I talked about them a bit last week, and he is planning on getting baptized this 25th of July. We recently did a fast with him, to help him be able to achieve his goal of baptism and I am very confident in the power of Ayuno... whoops that's Spanish, fast. We were teaching him the other day and we used the #Graciasaqueelvive video and the spirit was so strong. I later testified that I knew that if he would promise to go to church for the rest of his life, dedicating his life to the Lord, his family would be forever blessed. He was worried that he would not be able to go to church very frequently, because he often is called in to work on Sunday morning. I told him that he shouldn't worry about the money, but that he should be more concerned about the spiritual things. I told him that I left on my mission, and my parents really didn't know how things were going to fall in place, but we knew to trust in the Lord. I left on my mission without huge funds to pay for the mission, but as I have served obediently, the Lord, through other servants of His, has provided incredible miracles for me and my family. I told him, "Victor, I testify to you, that if you will put the worries of the world aside, and make it a priority to partake of the sacrament, your family will be eternally blessed, and Victor, I can make you this manifestation, because I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and I wear his name upon my chest daily." That was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in a while, and I love the fact that I where His name on my chest daily.

Whats more is that Transfers have come. To be honest, I am very happy and relieved to be staying here in Garupa. Although, we came out this transfer with a small amount of baptisms, we do have a lot who are progressing, and am honored to get to stay a while longer to help them progress.

Well I don't know how well known it is, but I have been a Zone Leader for a while, and I will let you all know that it is not the easiest thing to do. It is fun, and you make a lot of friends, but it is very stressing sometimes. However, I have never had more growth in my life than the 6 months I have had serving the Lord in this position. I had had several feelings, and implications that things might be changing this coming transfer and I was proved right. As our mission is a relatively small mission, the Zones are also relatively small, usually with 10 to 16 missionaries in them. Well, lets just say, that my zone just "ate" another zone. We are now a zone of 26 missionaries, my companion and I have the responsibility and privilege to watch over them, care for them, and help them bring this work to pass. As I am slightly nervous for this new assignment, I ask for your prayers to keep coming my way :)

We as a zone today had a parting activity, for the end of the Transfer, and we got permission to watch "Meet the Mormons" on a flat screen high definition! It was so amazing and made me so happy to remember, that I am not the only Mormon out here in this world. I'm not alone! It is a great movie and would recommend it for everyone! 

I love you all and continue to feel the love you all send my way

pictures should follow...
This is Taylor's Dad:  We never got the pictures that Taylor was planning to send, so...instead I am including a couple of pictures of Taylor that were sent to me from a friend in Argentina.  Taylor has likely never seen these pictures, but a member friend periodically sends me pictures of Taylor in action to help "keep me in the loop" :-)

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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