Monday, July 6, 2015

Know The Lord - Passing Of Boyd K. Packer -Mud & Dog's Everywhere! - Funny Pic (Taylor & Dog) - Overwhelming Love Of The Gospel - Service Project To Build Another House In Obera!

Well I finally got a new memory card! I am super happy about it and now can get back to having super missionary fotoshoots.

This week really was great, we just got done having our interviews with President Lapierre, and I always learn so much when he speaks to us and he gives us a time to really converse with him and build off of his testimony.
I was in church yesterday when I heard that Boyd K. Packer passed away. As we know he had been sick for quite some time, and he was accepted into the Father's arms very peacefully. I just wanted to say how important the testimony of him strengthened my testimony. Just before I left for the mission, Boyd K. Packer had spoken in General Conference and had said in some of his final words "I know the Lord" He didn't say, I know the lord lives, or I know the Lord is my Savior, but he said, "I know the Lord". Throughout my mission I have pondered that statement with great wonder, and amazement. When he says that, it could be interprated (No idea if that is actually a word) in so many different ways, but one thing I know is that we all have the opportunity to "know the Lord". 

Yeah I'm not sure what was really going on here, but I thought it was funny. We were doing a fotoshoot as I said before, and a dog invaded my picture... here in Argentina, they are always EVERYWHERE. I remember my dad telling me stories about Argentina and how there were always lots of dogs here, but I never truly grasped, the meaning of the fact that they are literally EVERYWHERE.  With this picture you can also see the difficulty we have with mud mud and more mud. It is quite the project to keep your clothes clean here!
The work is moving along, and we had 2 new investigators come to church this week, and are seeing a lot of potential here.

Here in Argentina, it is very common for every person on Fast and Testimony meeting to want to get up and speak, the missionaries almost never get to get up and share, as we anxiously hope that our investigators will be touched by the Spirit to share what they know, but yesterday I was so profoundly moved to get up and share the truths I have come to know. As I bore my testimony, I realized that I have come so far in this past year, I kinda had a "life flash before my eyes" moment, but it was more like a "mission flash before my eyes" moment. It is amazing to consider the little things have changed me in to what I am now.

I seriously love the gospel. It is incredible. I hope you all know that I don't just say that because I am a missionary and that's what they expect us to say to our families, but I say it because I know it is true. I know that through tiny actions day by day, we can come to a knowledge of the truth. It happened to me, doubting my doubts, before I doubt my faith, my testimony continues to get stronger.

This following week we plan to start to make another house! President Lapierre, called us in and asked us to travel to Obera (one of my old areas!) to start building a house the following Monday, for a woman with an incredible story, and I hope I remember to write about it this following week.

This is Taylor's Dad:
The picture above was the picture that Taylor had intended to send last week.  I believe that this is his zone before a new group of missionaries was added to the zone, essentially doubling it's size.  They are a fine group of young men and women.

Taylor closed this week's letter saying:
Love you guys a lot and appreciate the many messages of love and support. I hope you can all take what I write in these blogs as a personal message in some small way, and know that I think of each of you as I write these things.  

Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission
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