Thursday, December 24, 2015

Video Of My Favorite Christmas Gift 2015

 Here is a short video clip from our call with Taylor.  It is worth watching.

The very short video above, is one of the most special parts of our call.  As we were saying goodbye.  Elder Cantino (Taylor's companion) interrupted us and asked if he could quickly say something about Taylor.  The video is short, but is very touching as it is clear that the Lord has worked miracles in this companionship.  It is clear that they trust and respect each other and have found a true friendship as they have served the Lord together.

Graves Family Christmas 2015 - (Taylor via Skype from Paraguay - Part of the Posadas Argentina mission)

Amber, Shauna, Taylor and Elder Cantino acting out, "Hear no evil.  See no evil.  Speak no evil."

Mom, Dad and Taylor get to talk.

What a wonderful Christmas (Eve) morning gift!!!  We are so grateful for Taylor, his example and for the love that we feel together as a family (even across the 6,000+ miles that separate us this Christmas)!

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