Monday, December 7, 2015

Paraguay to Argentina (and back) - Elder Cancino Gives Up Bus Seat and Stands On All NIght Bus Trip To Argentina - 5 To Be Baptized In Ward This Week!

Sometimes in the mission, we travel a lot! Today we got here to Argentina Posadas for a meeting. Elder  Cancino and I, with a few missionaries from Ciudad del Este had to travel during the night starting at 11:30 pm until 6:00 a.m. I was able to sit down and enjoy a few 3 hours of some very bumpy sleep. My companion, after about 10 minutes of sitting, noticed a woman get on and there weren’t anymore places to sit. He decided to offer her his place next to me. I told him, “Elder! You won’t have any other opportunity to sleep! Are you sure you want to do this?” He, being very Christlike, ignored my suggestion and stood up for 6 hours, sacrificing all his sleep and allowed that woman to sleep. I am very grateful for a companion who sets such a good example for me. I really have learned to love him and hope I can show the pure love of Christ and sacrifice as he did today.

After the long travel, we felt that we should do exercises to help us stay awake as we tried to wait for a taxi to come get us and let’s just say it was not easy :-)

So...we have 3 companionships here in our ward. Us combined, we have 5 baptisms this coming Saturday! We are so happy! The best part is that Fabiana (the cousin of Sonia and Carolina Martinez) will be baptized! We are so happy for her and even though she is very young she understands very well the basic principles of the gospel. We also were able to start teaching her mother recently and she has shown a considerable amount of interest in the church. Well, the work keeps going strong! We have been working very hard and are loving every moment of it. The sun has finally come out after about 10 days of rain! So we are pretty happy :-) Even though we know it means a very hot Christmas is coming!

I hope you all have a great week :-)


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  1. Have a great Christmas Week, month, year. I envy you the heat as I sit here in front of this computer with my blanket because I am cold all winter!!!!
    We love you Taylor and are so appreciative of your hard work for the Lord. Enjoy every minute of it. Love you and prayers your way. Uncle Larry and Aunt Marydith