Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teaching Via Skype - Zone's Visit To Waterfall - Birthday Package In A Soaked Suit - Eating Healthy - Fasting

This might be the shortest letter I have sent in a long time. I have decided to take some time writing to others today instead of dedicating so much time on the blog. Don't worry, next week should be back to normal. Luckily I have a lot of pictures again :)

I hope you got the pictures of Elder Tanner Vario, Elder Cancino and I teaching Alexis. Today we taught him about the priesthood.  He is understanding every principle and is already very anxious to be baptized, and continues to complain that he has to wait. He frequently expresses his desires to to serve a mission.

We got to go as a zone to a "mini" waterfall. Yeah. This really is relatively small in comparison to the waterfall that I will have the opportunity to visit in March or April called Iguazu, which actually means Big Water, in Guarani. You can kind of tell that the language structure in Guarani is very old. It is amazing to see the many places here in Paraguay, and to just sit back and soak in the works of art that God has made here on this earth.

Here is a picture of my birthday package that I got! I was only slightly disappointed to see that it was a Birthday package, and will now have to wait to open it :(

This is a picture of my companion and I continuing to try and eat healthy... lets just say you win some and you lose some...

One quick experience is that this week we were fasting for Alexis so that he will be able to serve a full time mission. It was very hot, and I was nervous that I was going to pass out during the day. I felt that fasting had actually become dangerous, as we had to walk quickly and for quite a distance through out the day. The one thing that kept me going was a story that I heard about Mike Kjar (a neighbor of mine).  Mike was serving in the war in Iraq, and it was fast Sunday. Probably 80% of people would have called serving in the war in the 130 degree weather, with full battle gear all day enough reason to not fast, and to continue eating and drinking. 99% of those 20% that would have fasted anyway, would have said, well, I wont eat, but I have to at least drink water. Not Mike. He decided to live the law of the fast, because he needed those blessings for his family, and for his personal protection. Mike is the reason I was able to complete my fast yesterday. Thank you.


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