Monday, November 23, 2015

Font 100% full - Carolina Baptized By Her Brother - Alexis' Baptism This Saturday - Listening To The Promptings Of The Spirit - Photos!!!

 Well the glass was 90% empty this past week as I said in my last letter, but this week, the baptismal font was 100% full :) Carolina was able to be baptized by her little brother Fernando, who is actually a recent convert (and son of Sonia) of just a few months. They both love the Church, and have very strong testimonies. My favorite part of that night was after Carolina was baptized she immediately jumped up and hugged her brother. This quickly made me think of my brother and sister Amber and Jake. I am sure, if my family was a convert family like Carolina's family, this would have been a very similar scene. Jake would have done everything he could, as Fernando did, to help his sister understand and come to know this saving gospel of Jesus Christ. My family was raised in the church, and I am forever grateful for that fact, but I do often put myself in the shoes of my investigators, and wonder, "What kind of investigators would my family be?" (I think we would accept the discussions very quickly, and later be baptized within weeks, if not days ;))

We are so happy to finally be able to announce that Alexis will officially be baptized this Saturday! I can not tell you how happy this makes me. I was recently talking to my companion, about the gran privilege that we had to help him in this process. To see someone make such a turn around in his life, has really changed my life. I forgot to mention one of the birthday gifts that I got this past week for my birthday. He gave me his watch, with a letter that said, "thanks to you, I changed my life." Nothing else could have made my birthday better. Elder Tanner Vario as you all know, has been part of his teaching process. What you each probably don't know, is that he, in reality, does quite a bit more teaching than I do, and has been a HUGE factor to this convert to the Lord's true church. He is able to teach Alexis on a daily basis (when necessary) from Ohio (through email), and continually checks up on him, and how he is progressing. With out this, we would have never been able to help Alexis in such a special way.

 I remember receiving so many personal revelations when I was younger, that it was SO important that I remained being friends with Tanner, but I never would have guessed that me listening to that small prompting would have gone so far, and changed so many lives.


Well, Christmas is just around the corner, and now all the stores have Christmas things! I love it!

I am missionary Santa Clause, and my companion wanted new shoes :)

He was even more excited when he got the Book of Mormon as a gift from Santa.

Welcome home dinner to Sister Espinola, here in the ward. She was serving in Brazil. 
Is that a chicken foot in my noodles?...

I am in the most beautiful place in the world. 

We found a pig.

I didn't know my companion was recording... haha...


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