Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Miracle Of A Priesthood Blessing - Picture Of Finished House - Member Missionary - Bejerano Family - Sunken Ship - Running With Companion - Zone Activity/Ruins

Okay to try and make up for last weeks lack of pictures I am going to make the email kinda short and just send lots of pictures!

I will just share one experience from the week.
We were searching for a woman that someone had told us was a member of the church but hadn't been to church for a long time.  They told us that we should look for her and try to help her return to the gospel. We found her and we were very excited to teach her. She started by emotionally telling us that she was so sad that she hadn't been to church in so long and wished that she had been going the last seven months but told us that she simply couldn't. We asked her why? She told us that her foot was severely broken (and had been like that for more than 7 months) and could not afford to go to the doctor.  Because of her broken foot, she could not make the walk to the chapel.

My companion asked if she wanted a blessing. She anxiously said yes and awaited the blessing. She chose my companion to be the voice of the blessing and I participated by laying my hands on her head as well.  My companion humbly gave the blessing using the words "you will be able to go to the church with the body you have."  Three days later we came back to see how her foot was doing so we could know if we should expect her at church the next Sunday. She greeted us and yelled, "It's better! You cured me! You two are my angels!" We looked at her foot, and it was NOT purple like it was 3 days ago, it was NOT  enormous because of the immense swelling that she had suffered for 7 months, and it WAS perfectly healthy.

I know the priesthood works, and I know that miracles happen. I have seen it. 

The next day she walked in the chapel with the biggest smile and when she entered she put her two arms up with her fists and said to me "¡Elder! ¡Estoy Aqui!" 

I am so grateful for this mission that has given me so many opportunities to see God's hands showing the mercy he has for each of us. 

I love this gospel!
This is me and a member that works like crazy with us in this ward! He is incredible and a good example of what a "member missionary" should be.
​This is the house all finished! Keep in mind, we didn't do it all, we can't take all the credit, but a lot of time, sweat, blood and tears were put in and I am glad to say we could help this woman find a home. The woman that I mentioned that we found (because of this project) continues to take lessons from us, and I will try to keep you all updated on how her story progresses.
​This is the family Bejerano and two random elders who were visiting us because of paper work! The one on my right (looking at the picture) is leaving in a week and is probably the funniest person I have ever met!
​We woke up early so that we would be able to go see the beach before we had divisions with some Elders in another part of the mission! I liked this view because my dad has a ton of pictures that are similar from his mission.
​Here is a picture of me and my companion after a REEEEALLY long run! (well for missionaries anyway) I LOVED IT! We were pretty tired though.

P.S. This is right in front of my house, and we live in downtown Posadas basically, and there are still lots of dirt roads!
 ​Lets just say we had a pretty cool Zone activity this week :)
Elder Graves
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