Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dario's Baptism/Successful On 3rd Attempt In Very Cold Water :-) - Love Tacuari! - Dario's Neighbor Also To Be Baptized! - Members Are Key To The Work

This is Taylor's Dad:
Taylor had a great week!  I am hoping to add a picture of Taylor and Dario at the baptism next week.  For now, Here are a couple pictures of Taylor (and our family) on his baptism day:


This is Taylor's letter home:
Well its been another awesome week here in Tacuari. I feel like I could just stay here for the rest of my mission! (I probably just jinxed myself and will have to stay for a long time now.) but really there is so much success, and the members are so willing to just work and help the missionary work.
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had somebody named Dario who was getting ready for his baptism the 31st of January. Well obviously that day passed and he wasn't baptized. We had talked to him before that day, and he told us that he had a feeling he needed to wait for the 21st of February to be baptized.  He is an incredible member already, and is talking about how he cant wait to get on a mission! We are so excited for him!
​Well I have a kind of embarrassing story that goes along with this baptism...
We entered the water (which of course was FREEZING COLD) and got all ready to baptize him. I said the prayer and put him under the water. I looked up to the witnesses, and one of them said that I had said the prayer incorrectly. I immediately realized that I skipped the whole first part! So... Dario looked at me and said with his lips purple from the cold water and said "no me diga que tengo que hacerlo otra vez..." don't tell me I have to do that again!
Haha so we did it again... I looked up to check if the prayer was right and if he went all the way under the water... and with much shame in the face of the witness... he told me we would have to do it again... apparently I had skipped another word. At this point Dario was just laughing! He said, "well... I guess I needed to get baptized 3 times to get all my sins off."
I did the prayer right the next time and hugged him after and really gave me flash backs of when I baptized my best bud Tanner.
His family is so excited to work in the work of the Lord. They have been helping us and because of their excitement, one of there neighbors came to the baptism and has decided that she believes that this is the true church and will be baptized March 13

The day after the baptism, I gave a talk in church and talked about how the missionaries really depend on the members. We as missionaries would not be able to accomplish anything without the help of the members. Think of all the people that you know who have been baptized into the church. Did they do it because a missionary knocked on their door, or because a friend or family member invited them to come to church one Sunday? 

I know each and everyone of you have someone in your head who you think, maybe, could receive this message. Talk with the missionaries. I had thoughts of inviting Tanner to church for 2 years before we finally did something and invited him to church! If there is someone in your head... talk to the missionaries!

I know that this baptism is going to change the life of Dario, and later in his life will be blessed because of the mission that he will serve.

I love the message that we teach every day, and love being a missionary!
Thanks for your love and support!
Elder Graves
Argentina Posadas Mission

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