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Mom Sang in Conference - In Argentina (@McDonalds :-) with MTC District - Serving & Running with A.P.s - Buses called "Proud to Be a Missionary" - Picture of Name tags in Spanish VS Guarani - Holding Bunny - Great turnout for Conference! - Please pray for dry weather/baptism


Everyone in the chapel knew that I was looking for her, and when she came on (multiple times) everyone in the chapel was so happy for me!!! I have to admit the last song she sang made me tear up. It was like saying goodbye again. But honestly seeing her really felt like the reward after the trial. I am so grateful she was blessed with that opportunity to sing and  remind me of my motivation here on my mission, my family.

Okay so I am way behind on pictures and my mom said she wants to see more pictures, so I am just going to share some for the next little bit!

Okay this is last week looking out towards Argentina! (We were in Paraguay!) I was super excited to finally go back to Argentina!

All of "The Original District" is reunited! We were so excited to get to spend some time together! (And have the opurtunity to speak some English) Aaaaaaaaannnd we had Mcdonalds! I know I never liked McDonalds back in the day, but eating there made me feel soooo at home for some reason!

​Here are the AP´s of my Mission! They are so fun and I got to be with them for a couple of days and learn from their awesome example! This is us right before going on a run. A real run. Not me running back and forth on 50 meters of street, but a real run. Through the city, on the beach, across bridges, dodging crazy drivers of Argentina. It was awesome! And they are actually fast! This day was the best day of my worst week :)

Okay you have to excuse how dead and goofy I look, it was 1:30 in the morning and had about 40 minutes of sleep that night and was borrowing clothes of an Elder who weighs about 250 pounds...but this bus is super funny! Because in English it says "Proud to be a Missionary"! When I first saw this bus I was super confused,. But then I realized that we are in the Province/State of Misiones. So every one who lives in that province is technically un misionero.  HAHA

​Okay I took this picture because I dont think you guys understand how truly insane guarani is. I know I have explained before that it is nothing like Spanish, but it also is not like any other language known to man...

 Here is a random picture of me holding a bunny...

 This is a picture of us and the Lopez Group who traveled to Natalio (3 hour drive) to watch conference. On a good week we have 3 or 4 investigators attend the church, but this week we were praying all week that we would have a good turn out to Conference. Even though it is so far, we had 10 investigators make the trip to watch conference!!!!!!! We were so happy!

The man on the far right is Named "Apolonio". He is near impossible to understand and is 83 years old. We found him and could not understand a word we were saying. (Not just me, my companion from Peru neither). I was under the impression that he was just uneducated and this was going to be very difficult to continue to teach him. But my companion had more faith than I did at that time. He decided that we should bring a member to our next lesson with him. We did, and it was amazing. They talked in Guarani the whole time (I understood about 8 words in 35 minutes) and he clearly was touched by what the member had said. Now that we know that he truly is a very smart man, just speaks a different language, we are going to continue to bring members with us to visit him.

The boy in the red shirt with white sleeves is who is going to be baptized soon. His name is Armando. The Brother of Fernando. His Baptismal date was moved to Octubre 11 to allow us to teach him a little more (because we haven't been in Lopez). Unfortunately, we again have been rained out of Lopez. We had such a bad storm today I don't know if the roads will EVER dry! Because we have a mission conference on Thursday we wont be able to get back to Lopez until the day of the baptism or the day before if we are lucky. If you all could please pray for us so that it wont rain and that the baptism can go smoothly. 

Okay a couple more things.
Again, going back to seeing my mom, as I watched her sing from 6000 miles away, I realized something. I had the thought, the impression, that if the only thing I learned on my mission, was that I love my family, the way I now realize that I love them, it would make it ALL worth it.

I love the prophets, and was so grateful to hear there inspired words. It was very interesting to here the talks in Japanese, Portuguese and especially Spanish. I hope you all were able to learn from this conference.

I love you all!

Elder Graves

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  1. It was hard to say "goodbye" to you too, Taylor. I cried after the last song knowing that our connection was over. I love you so much, son.