Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Taylor's First Companion - Dad - Elder Graves AND Elder Graves

I was given the great privilege of being Taylor's first missionary companion.  Because the Stake President would be at Young Women's camp, Taylor was set apart as a missionary on Monday (two days before he would enter the MTC).  This meant he was to begin his service as a full-time missionary before he left our home.

As a  set apart full-time missionary, even though he was still living at home, he had to obey all mission rules - up to and including being with a companion at all times.  This was my assignment and one of my favorite priesthood responsibilities of all time.  I cherished the opportunity to work with him.  The Spirit was with us as a continually.

There was so much to be completed before his first 'transfer' from our home to the MTC, that we were rushed,  but we did manage to have companionship prayers, study and planning sessions.  I even spent those nights with him in his bedroom and we even made time for one last companionship morning run together.

In one of our 'companionship study sessions' we discussed priesthood blessings.  Learning the basic mechanics of a priesthood blessing was the main focus, but that evening when Taylor gave his Mom, brother, sisters and me a priesthood blessing - Taylor had a profound ability to listen to the promptings of the Spirit and became an instrument in creating perhaps the most spiritual experience our family had ever shared together.  I can not describe the evening adequately with words, but I will never forget the Spirit that touched our hearts as he blessed each one of us.

Planning the next two days as companion - which would include one final run together in the morning.  I'm going to miss him!
With the help of my (still favorite) companion, Kirsten (his Mom), we packed and prepared him for his first 'transfer'.

Teaching him to polish his shoes.
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