Saturday, June 21, 2014

1st Letter from MTC - Taylor's companions

From: Taylor Graves <>
Date: Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 3:04 PM
Subject: to everyone!

Hola familia y mis amigos!
This has been a sureal experience already! I am so happy to be here. Honestly did not expect it to be that fun in these first couple of days but it really has been awesome! There is always something to do and for me that is so important! I don't have time to be home sick in all honesty! I do miss all of you I promise! But I have been able to stay very focused and it is muy bien. Saying goodbye to my family was very difficult but I am glad it was difficult. There are some Elders here who are not missing there families all that much. I feel very lucky to be blessed with an incredible family.
Yo entiendo un poco de espanol ahora. I seriously am blown away by the high expectations of the teachers here in learning the language and using the spirit to teach. From el primero dia we have been thrown into spanish and it has been so crazy! I am seriously blown away by how much I understand already. Speaking is muy dificil, but if I am given plenty of time to think about what I am going to say I can almost always get my point across. I know the gift of tongues is real! It just takes time! Speaking of very high expectations on dia tres our teacher told us we had to teach a lesson to a non member. It was no bien! The problem was we forgot to pray. The meeting wasn't horrible but we didn't really get the point we wanted to across unfortunately. It was a very good experience though. After that thought my companion and I, who I will introduce momentarily, were studying in a park when a Mexican man named Gabriel came up to us and started speaking en espanol to us. It was crazy! We knew what to say most of the time! We taught him un poco de the restoration and the book of mormon. He was very willing to listen and we were much more happy with that discussion than the one before.
So my companioons name is Elder Peterson. He is a very serious guy who would rather jump in front of a bus than break a rule. You see, I am very strict with the rules as well, but I would rather break a small rule than die... if that makes any sense...
Excuse me not having my tag on, we were just getting ready for the morning, but Yeah he is definitely a "no nonsense guy" but we will work really well together I am sure. He is really smart and told me that he received a 34 on his ACT. However, he has not received any emails from family or friends or any letters. If possible could some of you email him??? I get like infinity, and he sits there waiting me to read all my letters! I feel so bad!!!!!@!!!! His email is
Just had a random memory from el primero dia. When the hosts pick you up from the curb they are very kind and always carry all of your things. Well my hosts were both tiny skinny little guys. They kept on insisting that they wanted to carry my things but then we arrived at the stairs... I can't tell you how many times these two stumbled and tripped and struggled to get up the stairs with my luggage.
There is so much to say but not much time. One thing I want everyone out there to know is that my testimony has already grown a lot. It has been awesome to devote all my time to service and the Lord.
My favorite experience to this point was the moment when I saw this big goof ball. I wish I had a picture of us hugging in the lunch room, but it was pretty epic. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us. Haha!

I was so glad I got to see him he is so awesome and made me sooooooooo much happier to be here! (I was already on cloud 9). I get to see him every meal until he leaves on Monday!
Okay guys probably my favorite person here is this Elder White. He seriously IS Elder Calhoun from "The Best Two Years". He is so shy, so bad at the language, but most important, he is SOOOO full of the spirit! Also like Elder Calhoun, Elder White is short and plays Chess! Haha, we call him Elder Blanco! His comp is one of my good friends and we play basketball together. His name is Elder Wendt. Lo ciento for all the pictures but yeah I want you to meet all these awesome guys!

The one on the right is Elder Blanco. Just seeing that Elder makes my day better! 
There are so many things i want to say but these are just the fiew things that I could think about!! My Pdias are always en Saturday! (Until Argentina)
Oh and by the way one of the Elders and I are having a competition for receiving the most mail. Him and I have by far received more mail than any one in our district so we decided to make it a competition! So send anything and everything! Even an empty envelope would be good! Pictures are bonus points... and packages are bonus points so keep that in mind! 
Con amor, 
Elder Graves
PS Send lots of stuff :)

Taylor's Mailing Address  
(Until July 29, 2014)
Send letters and packages to:

Elder Taylor Nevin Graves
Provo Missionary Training Center
2023 N 900 E Unit 820
Provo, UT 84602

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